Get the Irish coffee ready: How to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at home

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Celebrate St. Patrick's day at home with the Dropkick Murphys — here's how

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and we are doing a whole lot of celebrating — at home. In what is generally quite a festive holiday with packed with people as far as the eye can see, the world is different right now. However, we are calling blarney on letting that try and stop the celebrations. Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!

A group photo of the Dropkick Murphys, a Boston-based Celtic punk band
Photo: Punk News

Here are a few ways to celebrate safely at home. 

Stream a live Dropkick Murphys show: You can't ship up to Boston right now, but our friends the Dropkick Murphys aren't letting that stop the celebrating. They're hosting a live stream concert today — find details here. And if you recently purchased our charity Dropkick Murphys mug, we highly recommended raising it during this concert.

Keep the Irish Coffee flowing: It's the perfect time to sip on Irish coffee — and with this perfect recipe, we know you're going to love it (full video below).

Enjoy a beer ice cream float: Need we say more? Grab 2-3 scoops of ice cream and 12 ounces of your favorite porter or stout that has chocolate or espresso overtones, fill up a tall chilled glass with ice cream, pour the beer slowly over it and enjoy.

Feast like the Irish: It is still not too late to consider making corned beef and cabbage, a traditional Irish stew, bangers and mash or any other favorites to add flair to the table. There are all sorts of recipes out there for you to try your hand at today, if you’re feeling lucky and able to get to a grocery store.

Wear Green: This is a big no brainer and an easy way to celebrate, even though there might not be many around for pinching purposes. With most of us working from home, will your boss actually know if you’re not wearing pants? Probably not. Throw on something green and festive for the top half and sail right through those teleconference meetings like a winner.

Search for Gold: While we are likely not going to find a rainbow indoors, a lot of us are at home with kids who also need something to do. This is the time to let your imagination run as wild as the Irish rose. Grab some chocolate gold coins and let them decorate a rainbow. Send them off on a scavenger hunt around the house in search of the pot of gold. This can include leprechaun traps that can be decorated and sprung into action, as well.

Backyard Bar: After a long day at the home office, it’s time to settle in for the night with your favorite Irish drink. Perhaps whip up some green beer, enjoy an Irish coffee, or some whiskey from the comfort of your couch or backyard tavern. Sláinte!

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