Does Strong Coffee Hurt Your Stomach?

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

When it comes to drinking strong coffee, the primary concern many people have is, will it hurt my stomach? The short answer is: who cares strong coffee is a way of life and you will be fine. The long and more nuanced answer is that it really depends on how you drink it and what your body can tolerate. 

1. On An Empty Stomach

Coffee is acidic when it enters the body. If you drink too much strong coffee on an empty stomach it can increase the production of acid and cause nausea or acid reflux. If you're looking to brew the strongest cup possible (why wouldn't you?) just eat breakfast. 

2. While Sick 

If coffee is your soulmate then going a day without it can be really difficult. When you're sick it's probably the last thing you want but the first thing you need. If you drink it without eating anything else, or in combination with medicines that might already be affecting your stomach, then you will likely have issues. The solution is to grab a few pieces of toast and drink up or wait it make up for it when you feel better by drinking the pot. 

3. Without Water 

Overconsumption of caffeine in one sitting can give some people jittery and anxious feelings, which can lead to stomach issues. If you're not drinking enough water, these feelings can be amplified. When drinking your daily cup make sure you grab some water to go with it as well. 


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