Our favorite Super Bowl 53 commercials

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Death Wish employees pick favorite Super Bowl commercials

No matter if you're upset that "Sweet Victory" Spongebob wasn't ACTUALLY played during the halftime show or if you're sick of seeing the Patriots win, we can all agree that there were some great commercials that aired during the game. 

Super Bowl commercials hold a special place in our heart after we aired our own during Super Bowl 50. That commercial, which we won through a contest hosted by Intuit Quickbooks, instantly introduced our brands to millions of people and showed the power of advertising. 

From show teases and feel-good commercials to brand collaborations and more, here were some of our favorites. 

The Twilight Zone Tease 




Bud Light and Game of Thrones




Scary Stores to Tell in the Dark Teaser  


Stella Artois (The Big Lebowski and Sex in the City) 


Dorito's Flamin' Hot Nacho with Chance the Rapper and Backstreet Boys


Google: One Billion Words

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