How To Be A Sustainable Coffee Drinker

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For many people, coffee is one of the most consistent consumable parts of their day. The issue can be that from the grounds to the cup the opportunities to create waste are endless. At Death Wish, we take sustainability very seriously and we have made strides to make our packaging, and our products both ethically and sustainably made. 

1. Purchase a reusable coffee cup: Coffee cups that are served in shops are fine every once and a while but for regular use, get rid of the plastic and paper. Kleen Kanteens and Stanley Mugs are great because not only do they reduce the use of paper cups, they also keep your coffee hot all day. 

2. Recycle your boxes: Do you shop online for coffee? Then you're probably receiving a cardboard box once a week in the mail. Instead of throwing those boxes in the garbage, recycle them so they can be used again. 

3. Use grounds in soil: As coffee decomposes it releases all sorts of minerals like nitrogen and potassium that are great to use for plants. 

4. Organic and Fair Trade:  Death Wish Coffee uses organic coffee beans because we are committed to preserving biodiversity, protecting natural resources and avoiding the use of harmful GMO's, pesticides and unsustainable farming practices.  It also means that we have taken extra steps in our roasting and manufacturing processes to maintain the standards that USDA requires. Coupled with our Fair Trade partnership, you know that we buy coffee from farms that have rigorously tested their soil and coffee beans and get paid a fair living wage for their hard and very important work.  

5. Use recyclable single-serve coffee cups: The amount of plastic put into landfills by single-serve cups has grown significantly in the last 10 years. And while plastic cups are readily available, opt for one that is biodegradable, recyclable or compostable. Death Cups and Odin Cups are completely recyclable. 

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