Take a look at our glazed Frau Perchta mug set

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Here's a peek at our winter mug set 

For those who celebrate Christmas, growing up meant writing a Christmas list, addressing it to the North Pole and hoping that you'd wake up with presents under the tree as opposed to coal in your stocking. 

Coal sucks, but it's nothing compared to what Frau Perchta would do. Based on Southern Germanic and Austrian folklore, she appears with gifts as a goddess or as dark, old and haggard during the 12 days of Christmas.


If you're good, you're rewarded by a goddess of winter with gold coins. But her punishments aren’t for the faint of heart — she’ll literally disembowel you. 

Frau Perchta inspired our next mug set, coming out just in time for the holidays. This set is made by Deneen Pottery in St. Paul, Minnesota — who's made more than 90,000 mugs for us since we started working with them.

This 12+ ounce unique mug set comes with one yellow and green mug and one black and green mug. Give one as a gift, or don’t. We won’t tell her.

Stay tuned for this — it's coming soon! 

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