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By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


We moved into our brand-new offices the same day in March of 2020 that New York State went into quarantine. But, now that our area of Upstate New York has started to reopen, we are finally settling into our new headquarters. Come with us on a virtual photo tour of Death Wish Coffee HQ!

This building in Saratoga Springs, NY was built in 1889 by Franklin Webster Smith, a Boston hardware merchant who would go on to design famous architecture in Washington D.C.

Smith was infatuated with the time period of Pompeii, the ill-fated city that was destroyed by a volcano in 79 A.D., and he modeled this building after the famous House of Pansa and he named the building Pompeia.

Smith filled the building with ancient artifacts and replicas, and had a beautiful mural mosaic painted on the interior. It was a tourist attraction and gained 60,000 visitors a year during its heyday.

Now, this historic building is our new headquarters - 260 Broadway in Saratoga Springs, New York.

We couldn’t be happier to be back in Saratoga Springs, where our CEO Mike Brown first started Death Wish Coffee.  This is what our offices look like today, as you walk into the front of the building, this will be where our coffee, merchandise, and mug store will eventually open!

Our entryway is pretty impressive even as you are leaving. Look at the original molding on the ceiling with those skulls!

Our common area is a way for us to unwind, play some games, have large meetings, and eat lunch with each other.

Speaking of meetings, here is our new main meeting room, complete with a fake fireplace. Krampus isn't getting in this way!

One place we always meet is in the kitchen, either for a snack, a meal, or to see what's brewing up today!

Our customer service team is second to none, and this is where they grind it out every day. So if you call or email us, you can visualize this comfy corner while we help you out.

Some more of our office and desk spaces, and even though I was taking pictures on lunch, Kristine was still hard at work.

This building can hold all our employees and more in a labyrinth of offices and desk spaces – this is where our marketing team works

The new Death Wish Studios where our podcast and videos will be made still needs some work, but at least the logo is larger than life!

The back of the building houses our sales department with one of the few windows to the outside world. Dave for scale.

Speaking of the outside world, this is our backyard – Congress Park in lovely downtown Saratoga Springs New York.

We love our new headquarters, and once we are officially open for business we can’t wait to see you stop by!

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