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As we approach the Thanksgiving season this year, we've been thinking a lot about what we're thankful for at Death Wish Coffee.  During the strange and unprecedented times of 2020, we are of course incredibly thankful for the coffee industry we are a part of and being able to continue to provide the World's Strongest Coffee ® to all of you.

You, yes you reading this right now, are really what we are most thankful fornot only during this holiday season, but all year round. Without you and your continued support of our coffee and our brand, we wouldn't be able to continue doing what we love the mostproviding you with a strong cup of coffee and fueling your passion.

So we wanted to celebrate by sharing some of the reviews that many of you have left usthis is what fuels our passion. From Amazon to Youtube, to reaching out to us right on the website, we see you, we hear you, and boy oh boy do we appreciate you. These are some of the funniest and some that make us smile the biggest. So thanks to youall of youfor being, well, YOU!

From deathwishcoffee.com:

Screenshot of a few reviews from deathwishcoffee.com

Rebecca, we couldn't agree more that coffee (and our kettle) makes the perfect gift for any holiday. Christmas? Birthday? Labor Day? Arbor day? Give the gift of coffee.

Marc, we might have left you speechless, but we hear you loud and clear. Silence is golden, and we take this as a compliment to the highest degree.

Andrew, we are so happy you share your brew with your guests, but always remember to keep enough for yourself. As for your food groups, you hit the nail on the heada meal of coffee, bacon, and bourbon sounds like heaven.

Screenshot of a few other reviews from deathwishcoffee.com

Ann, when I was in elementary school I was sick way too much, and I definitely saw my school nurse more than she probably would've liked to see me. So happy that we are keeping you caffeinated through the school day, and also the night shifts at the hospital. Maybe we can put "Nurse Approved" on our next bag of coffee? (Our lawyers say no, but I still think it's a good idea!)

John, we can confirm that every Starfleet captain has to drink a lot of coffee to keep seeking out new worlds and new civilizations. Happy to help you boldly go where you might not have gone before. Next time I finish a cup I will yell KHAAAAAAAAAAAN in your honor.

Steve, that sounds like a very emotional dayor possibly an emotional experience if they happened all at once. We feel all the feelings every time we re-read your comment!

From Amazon

A couple of reviews on Death Wish Coffee on Amazon

Erick, what does purple sound like? What does a car horn smell like? We have so many questions, especially how you were able jog in space. Thank you for enjoying the brew and may the force be with you always.

Aaron, that is quite the tale of how you think the coffee was created, and while I can not confirm or deny anything you said, I do believe that we could all use a vacation in Fiji right about now. But on a serious note, anyone who might have a problem with their bag of beans arriving damaged or with a broken seal should contact us immediately and our customer service team will make sure we make it right.

A couple more reviews on Death Wish Coffee on Amazon

Marcelo, we are honored that you defer the thanks to us, but anyone who jumps off a skyscraper and saves their city deserves all the praise. We are just here to keep you caffeinated as you continue to do what others cannot. (Also, our lawyers have instructed me to say that we do not condone anyone drinking our coffee to become a superhero. I could never be Batman, but with enough coffee, I come pretty close.)

OxED, ceiling fans really do get dusty don't they? Glad to hear that our coffee is helping you get things done around the house, and is there anything a swiss army knife can't do? Alsoliquid electricity sounds dangerous, but we kinda like it.

From YouTube:

These are some of our favorite videos you guys have left us over on YouTube, and sometimes we watch them on repeat to get our motivation brewing! Once again, thanks to all of you for taking our coffee to the next level and know that we will be thinking of every one of you this Thanksgiving season.






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