A Few Ways To Show Gratitude This Thanksgiving

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Give Thanks, People.

As stressful and hectic as this time of year can be, most people don’t put any thought into how much beauty is in the chaos around them during the holidays.  What makes this time of year so beautiful is that we all seem to contemplate our blessings a little bit more, freely expressing them to the ones we love.

We often think of gratitude in a global sense. Of course, we’re thankful for the people in our lives (most of them), for our jobs, the food we consume, etc. Today, we'd like to give thanks to a few of the little things. To that first sip of coffee that lures me in every morning, I’d still be in bed without you...thank you. To the soreness in my cheeks that come from a fit of laughter induced by good people, followed by tears in my eyes and abs that feel as if they’ve just endured the toughest workout, I’d probably have frown lines without you. Thank you. I’m grateful to have people in my life who care about my growth as if it’s part of their own, without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you. In short, I’m thankful for it all: The highs, the lows, the blessings, the lessons, the setbacks, the comebacks, the love, the hate. Everything. Here are a few responses when I asked the team what they were thankful for this year:


“Dogs.” – Kristine Wheeler

  • Because who doesn’t enjoy half their bed taken up at night, only to wake up to a face full of slobber and a pile of shit to pick up in the corner first thing in the morning?


“New co-workers, family, and coffee.” – Michael Mullin

  • The Death Wish Team is family, and now you’re part of it. But really, we’re thankful for you. No one else has ever been as willing to brew a Chemex for us every morning until now. Thank you, Mike.


“Donuts and my ability to eat an absurd amount of them in one sitting.” – Sierra Meisser

  • I normally donut want to hear about how much someone loves shoving an absurd amount of anything in their mouth, but I appreciate you and, I appreciate donuts. Props and thank you. 

“Working with you.” – Kane Grogan

  • Now, there are colleagues that make your days easier, and then there are colleagues that challenge you and get on your last nerve. Hey there, last nerve, thank you for pushing me, challenging me, and scaring me into trying new things that I may not have done otherwise. I appreciate you creating new problems that reinforce the need for my job. Thank you, Kane.


“I’m thankful that I’m currently able to fill my gas tank with Premium Grade for less than $40. It’ll probably change by next week, so this is temporary. Still counts, though.” – Caiden Tuller

  • I’m thankful that I was able to get Premium Co-Worker Service out of you pumping my gas for me the other day so I didn’t have to stand in the cold. You’re the real MVP.

“I'm thankful for YOU - the incredible customers and fans that we have at Death Wish Coffee - you all make my job a whole lot more fun and rewarding!” – Jeff Ayers

  • It seemed like the right thing to do, adding in something about our fans. We want you to know, we don't just think of you as fans. We wouldn't have as much drive and passion amongst us without your support. Same goes for you, Jeff! You bring the team home. 

“I'm dumb grateful to have a little baby girl who walks around with both of her hands over her head for some reason.” – Eric Donovan

  • She's most likely preparing herself for dealing with your crazy comments later in life. Nonetheless, we deal with them here and we wouldn't change a damn thing about you. 

With caffeinated hearts, we thank you for staying true to the brew, and we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.


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