The 10-year (ish) challenge: Death Wish Coffee Co. edition

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Death Wish Coffee Company: Then vs. Now

It's the end of the damn DECADE! We were all sitting in a meeting one day talking about what we were like 10 years ago and how much things have changed — and then it dawned on us that 10 years ago, Death Wish Coffee didn't even exist. 

A side by side photo of Death Wish Coffee black bags from 2013 and 2019
Photo: A photo of a Death Wish Coffee bag and logo in 2013 vs. today.

Think about it: The coffee that you drink every morning wasn't even created in 2010. And a lot has happened since 2012, the year Mike Brown came up with the world's strongest coffee in the basement of Saratoga Coffee Traders. We had a Super Bowl Commercial, grew our team exponentially, expanded into stores, added cold brew and other products, and even launched coffee into space. 

To celebrate the end of the decade, we compiled photos of employees ten years ago vs. now, and Death Wish Coffee then vs. now (8 years ago, but close enough).


Death Wish Coffee website: Then. The green links, the logo, the design — what a time. 

A screenshot of the old Death Wish Coffee website.

Now: Talk about a glow-up.

A screenshot of the current Death Wish Coffee website homepage


The Death Wish Coffee Office: Then 

When Death Wish first started, all employees fit into one warehouse space. 

A photo of two people sitting at computers in a warehouse. This was Death Wish Coffee's first official office.

Now: We've moved offices to Ballston Spa, New York, and our warehouse facility has continually grown to accommodate more and more space. 

A photo of the Death Wish Coffee office in 2019. There are three people sitting at desks and a black wall.

Then and Now: Mike Brown, Death Wish Coffee founder and CEO 

A side by side photo of Mike Brown in 2013 vs in 2019

On the left, Mike Brown is pictured in 2013 being interviewed on Good Morning America about the world's strongest coffee. The rest is history! 

Then: Eric Donovan, wholesale director, and Teah Teriele, marketing manager. Eric and Teah have been part of the Death Wish team since day one. Here's what they looked like in 2012: 

A photo of Death Wish employees Teah and Eric standing in our old warehouse

Fast forward to 2019: 

A photo of Death Wish employees Teah and Eric posing for a product photo shoot

Yes, Eric Donovan is just as weird as he was in 2012. 

Master Roaster Dave Ferreira:

A side by side photo of employee Dave ten years ago versus now

Master Roaster Dave Ferreira 10 years ago vs. now. In his words, "the glow up is real." 

 Customer Service Representative Mike Mullin:

A side by side photo of employee Mike ten years ago versus now

Customer Service Representative Mike Mullin ten years ago vs. now. On his hair, Mike said: "Hair typically takes 10 years to migrate from the north part of the head to the southern shores of the chin in the Mullin clan."

 Customer Relations Manager Caiden Tuller:

A side by side photo of employee Caiden ten years ago versus now

Caiden Tuller, customer relations manager, 2015 vs. now. Still reppin' that black and red! From Caid: "Left: my first couple weeks at death wish, received my first piece of gear. Sept. 2015. Right: last week, an infinite amount of gear later & still looking good."

 Content Manager Shannon Sweeney:

A side by side photo of employee Shannon ten years ago versus now

Shannon Sweeney, content manager. 2010: High school sophomore who liked to wear fake mustaches. Now: Not a high school sophomore, but honestly still loves fake mustaches. Some things never change.

 Direct Marketing Specialist Will Critcher:

A side by side photo of Death Wish employee Will Critcher 10 years ago vs now

Will Critcher, direct marketing specialist, 10 years ago vs now. I — I honestly don't know what's going on in the left photo here.

Jeff Ayers, Broadcasting Manager: 

A side by side photo of Death Wish employee Jeff Ayers 10 years ago vs now

Jeff Ayers, our podcast host and head of broadcasting, 8 years ago at his wife, Tricia's, 30th birthday party vs. now. He's still cheesin' just as hard.

Thomas Dragonette, Senior Art Director: 

A side by side photo of Death Wish employee Thomas then and now

Ten years ago, Senior Art Director Thomas Dragonette was living in San Francisco, CA. He came to Death Wish and completely transformed our brand.

The Death Wish Team: We've grown from an 8-person team to a 40-person team in just 4 and a half years — and we can't wait to see more growth in 2020! 

A side by side photo of the Death Wish team then and now

Cheers to the next decade! We can't wait to see what's in store. 



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