The truth is out there: Here's a first look at our Space Oddity Mug design

By Thomas Dragonette — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Exploration has been an innate trait of humans since the beginning of time. Whether that exploration was carried out by physically traversing unknown terrain or looking inward and uncovering the mental and spiritual makeup that pushes our species forward, both work in unison to elevate us and break into the great unchartered spaces of our dimension. 

To me, a universe is a boundless place that our minds can shape and pull from to create the reality we see. With all this time and space swirling around us we have access to the infinite, we just need to unlock the gateways that take these ideas from mere thoughts to reality. And what do gateways do other than guard a path? A path is something we take to reach new horizons: Cue new exploration — and our Space Oddity Mug design. 

Astronauts are living and working right now on the International Space Station, making leaps in the name of science. They need the same fuel to explore these new heights — that's why Death Wish Coffee created an instant blend of freeze-dried to send to the ISS later this month

This design it to illustrate the vastness that is out there and the great unknown. It's also a nod to the great minds who have pushed the boundaries of our kind to unfathomable places. Whether it's sending rockets millions of miles into space or creating the world's strongest coffee, both started with an idea to courageously explore something new and unfamiliar. So drink up, and explore the unknown.

Get updates on when this mug launches into orbit by texting MUGS to 484848 and receiving text notifications. 

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For media inquiries regarding Death Wish Coffee in space, reach out to Shannon Sweeney at [email protected]  

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