These prison inmates are training for jobs in the coffee industry

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

How one coffee shop is offering training for work after prison

One coffee company is teaching young prison inmates skills in the coffee industry to help them find jobs after their release. 

Redemption Roasters wants to help lower the reoffending rate in the UK. With only 15% of past inmates finding employment in the two years after leaving prison, Max Dubiel, co-founder of Redemption Roasters says, "You wonder what are they going to do other than turn back to crime, right? If they can't get a job and need to put food on the table." 

The coffee company has partnered with the Ministry of Justice and operates out of Aylesbury Prison. By teaching skills in coffee preparation, it's easier for the young men to find jobs once released. The program teaches skills like barista training and the business skills needed for running a coffee shop. By getting those in the program really excited about coffee, Redemption Roasters really hopes that they will stay in the coffee industry for several years to come.

In one success story, a man was connected with Redemption while serving his second sentence in prison. Despite trying to find a job and taking vocational training following his first sentence, finding employment proved to be nearly impossible. Once his coffee training began at Aylesbury, he was released within 8 months and landed a job at the Redemption Roasters coffee shops in London. Training and employment at the coffee shop is the first stop on their path. Dubiel says, "It's then a matter of sending him onto other great coffee shops or another career in coffee because we want to make space for new guys coming through."

Redemption Roasters hope to expand in the future and have also started training in other prisons in their area. 


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