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Fueled by Death Show Episode 121

Every week, our podcast host Jeff is on a mission to share people's passions and what fuels them — all under the premise of fueled by death. We all have our own passions, our own dreams, and our own paths, and it's his job to share those stories with the world. 

In addition to our weekly podcast Fueled by Death Cast (released on Thursdays), Jeff does a TV show that airs on Facebook Live on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. EST. There, he previews the podcast for the week, talks about what's going on in science, gives us an update on the company, and more. And because it's a live show, he also interacts with viewers and answers questions as he goes! 

Here's what you missed this week, including the embedded video below. Tune in next week at 7 p.m. EST on Facebook for the live show and the chance to wing a mug! 

Science: This girl used Death Wish Coffee in a science fair project

Kailee Austin and her science teacher Laurie Painter talk about the recent LSE Middle School science fair where Kailee created an experiment using Death Wish Coffee. Hear all about how she used her father as a lab rat to test the effects of caffeine on heart rate.

Grind It Out: Ron Greico, Barista

Our Grind It Out series highlights hardworking men and women who rise and grind each and every day. For this episode of Grind It Out, we talked to Ron Greico.

Coffee is an industry that has dozens of moving parts to make it function. Not least of which is the barista. This is why we spent the day with Ron Grieco, long-time barista, and co-owner of two Stacks Espresso Bar's in Albany, NY. His life didn't start in coffee, and honestly, it took him a while to come around to it. Learn more about his journey here.

Death Star: Joe Henry

Every week, we interview a member of the Death Wish Coffee Community to learn about them and what fuels them. This week, we talk to Joe Henry.

A sneak peak of this week's podcast

This week on the podcast, which comes out today, we talk to Tim Jacobsen. He's the co-founder and chief development officer of Fuse FX and he joins the show to talk about the visual effects industry. Tim got his start on blockbusters like Armageddon and Transformers, and since then Fuse FX has provided stunning special effects for shows like American Horror Story, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and The Tick on Amazon Prime.

Death Wish Coffee Company updates

This week, we talked about our Turkey Merck contest, where you can enter to win a one-of-a-kind mug, and our upcoming releases. We're doing a Death Wish Coffee Stash Cash Deal today (you'll get an email!), we have a cold cup coming out soon, and we're gearing up for our Memorial Day Mug release

See you next week on Fueled by Death Show!

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