What countries produce the most coffee?

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The top 5 countries that grow the most coffee

Coffee — the wind beneath my wings, the fuel to my raging fire. I'm sure most can relate to the fact that without coffee, we would be nothing but grumpy, un-caffeinated ghosts, stuck in the shell of human beings. But have you ever wondered where the heavenly nectar comes from? Well, we're here to teach you about our beloved liquid and where it's most popularly grown.

Here at HQ, we brew the world's strongest coffee with beans grown from India and Peru, but we're constantly testing coffees from around the world. Where are coffee beans grown the most? According to Investopedia's List of top 5 Countries that produce Coffee, Brazil produces the most coffee in the world. You go Brazil, you go. 

The coffee plant is a very needy, specific kind of plant to grow (kind of like me when I'm coffee deprived). So to be able to grow to its full potential, the plant must grow under certain circumstances and specific climates. The coffee plant is known to successfully grow between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, right along the infamous "coffee belt" located on the Equatorial belt. Here are 4 other countries that produce the most coffee (and when we say the most coffee, we mean a LOT of coffee):

5) Ethiopia (846,575,000 pounds)

4) Indonesia (1,455,050,000 pounds)

3) Colombia (1,785,744,000 pounds)

2) Vietnam (3,637,627,000)

1) Brazil (5,714,381,000 pounds)

These aren't the only 5 places that grow coffee — including Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras, to name a few.

So when you take that next sweet sip of heaven, you have these countries to thank for growing the cherished bean that brings happiness to millions of people around the world. 

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