#GRINDITOUT: Boxing Coach Tyrone Jackson Never Sleeps

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Wake up, exercise, train, go to work, work all day, back to the gym, train, sleep, repeat. Sounds exhausting, right? This is the routine that former boxer, now coach, Tyrone Jackson, has had every day for the last 20 years, and he loves it. When he was five years old, Tyrone picked up boxing as a way to discipline himself. After competing professionally for a number of years, he transitioned into coaching where he found his real passion. On top of training twice a day at the gym, Tyrone's other side of life includes his day-to-day as a manager at a local market, where he's been for 20 years. 


"I'm here six days a week. This is my home right here, my second home. This is really all I know, and this is what I love to do. I came to the gym when I was like five-and-a-half, six-years-old. Boxing was a place where I knew I could always come, no matter what happened. The door is always open at the boxing gym. So that kept me contained a little bit, 'cause I knew I could always come here."



"The most difficult part about training young kids is seeing the hard work and the dedication that they put in and then see[ing] them lose. Or tak[ing] them to a big tournament where I know they worked hard for it and lose by decision, or get robbed, or anything could go wrong. So that's the worst part about it. I have one special bond and that's with Joe, 'cause I've been with him since he was a little kid. And we've just grown on each other. And he depends on me like I depend on him"


"My body was always conditioned. Always, and I was always ready to fight. That's what made me so focused on boxing, 'cause I loved the conditioning part of it. And then I just lost the humbleness, wanted to fight all the time. That's when I decided I knew it was over. I just love what I do. Between the market and the boxing, it's just like being a leader at two totally different jobs, and I'm still the leader. That's what keeps me level-headed."


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