Take a look at our Valhalla Java 2019 mug

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Our 2019 Valhalla Java mug is almost here

Great Odin's Raven! Our Valhalla Java mug for 2019 is almost here, and we wanted to show you guys the final product before it goes up for sale. 

This year, our Valhalla Java mug is in Deneen Pottery's Norg Tankard style, and has a green on black glaze with the Viking Crest logo. This coffee mug holds a 16+ ounces of coffee so you can prepare for any battle.

Valhalla Java was created with world-renowned guitarist Zakk Wylde that's said to be fit for Odin himself. 

Use this mug as armor in any battle that comes your way and you'll become a warrior worthy of Valhalla.  This coffee brings you back from the nights you thought you'd never wake up from — so take a sip, and prove that you're worthy of the Valkyries.

This mug will be available soon! 

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