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Video: How to hang your Death Wish Coffee mug hooks 

One of our most highly anticipated products is available now. Our handmade mug hooks, concepted by art director Thomas Dragonette, were turned into a 3-D resin sculpture by sought-after sculptor Paul Harding and sent to Crosby and Taylor, a small, family-owned metal working business in Oregon.
Each mug hook comes with two screws for hanging, and we wanted to go through the step by step process to show you exactly how to hang up your mug hooks. The mug hooks come with instructions in the box, but watch the video at the end of this blog to see exactly how to do it.

Buy your mug hooks now — available individually ($22.99) or in packs of three ($59.99). Hang up your collectible hooks and display your favorite mugs, hoodies, hats, and more for the world to see.

Here's how to hang your mug hook:

  1. Knock on wall or use stud finder to locate wall stud. We highly recommend that you anchor your hook into a stud.
  2. Measure the desired height on the wall where the hook will hang.
  3. Mark the height with a light pencil mark.
  4. Hold up the hook and align the measurement on the wall. Mark the mounting holes on the wall with a pencil for reference.
  5. Secure the hook to the wall by driving the supplied wood screws into each hole.
  6. Make sure hook is sturdy and securely fastened to the wall.
  7. Hang your favorite mugs, hoodies, hats, and more!

Watch the full how-to video below:

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