Here's who won our giveaway and how to win the next one

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Every week, we launch a new round of giveaways. From upcoming releases, one-of-a-kind items, to the classics, every week is a new chance to go home with some radical coffee gear from the world's strongest coffee. 

This week we launched a giveaway for a handcrafted 2018 mug, pound of coffee, and two pairs of the upcoming, ultra-cush Death Wish socks. This led to many entrants to ask the question "Are socks really just foot mittens or are mittens hand socks?" We never did find an answer, but we did randomly draw three winners for this ultra-cush giveaway. The lucky names are Stephanie Holland, Miguel Muniz, and Tyler Ashburn!

Every Friday, we also announce a weekly winner for free coffee for a month and a hand-crafted mug! This week's winner is Lynn Stoehr.

If you're still reading this and thinking "I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!", then brew a cup of coffee, remember that life could be worse — like how an air conditioner repairman spends most of his time in the heat — and enter our ongoing contests, including the chance to win a custom-engraved Cold Steel War Hawk, right here

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