Weird Coffee Sh*t You'll Find in Las Vegas

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


The adage "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" applies to more than just 24-hour marriages... apparently, it refers to coffee too. Your first thought might be that of course, people drink a ton of coffee in Vegas (read: hangovers), but it's more than just that.

In a surprising study, scientists found that while Las Vegas doesn't have as many illicit drugs as most cities, but they do drink a hell of a lot more coffee. Two times more, in fact, than scientist Jennifer Field has seen in any of the 12 cities she tested previously. It only makes sense that the coffee shops fit the Vegas standards of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. 


This Illuminate Themed Coffee Shop

The cleverly named Illumilatte Brew Society boasts that they are a secret society of coffee. They have no website and a secret menu that you need to ask about. They told Eater, "We are founded on the secrecy and mystery surrounding the infamous Illuminati society, and on our deep passion for any and all curated beverages, especially lattes. Hence, Illumilatte."


Getting Drunk Off Chocolates While Drinking Coffee 

In Vegas, drinking isn't the only way to get your booze. Tipsy Coffee House offers alcoholic chocolates to pair with your cup of coffee.  


Drinking Coffee in a Tent 

At Cafe Darak in Vegas, you can be served your coffee in a Volkswagon Van tent. Okay!



The coffee is hot, and so are they.

One way or another, your blood pressure will rise after a trip to Cowgirls Espresso.  Enjoy a buckin' Bronco 32-ounce coffee served by a woman in a bikini on Bikini Wednesdays, or even a cappuccino from a Cowgirl on Cowgirl Tuesdays. 



One cream, two sugars, some meth...

What some consider the best coffee in Las Vegas also offers a drink appropriately named "Liquid Breaking Bad". The Dessert Wind serves an immaculate cup accompanied by a what's known as a meth stick. It's probably just sugar, but it's fun to pretend. 


Am I tripping, or is it just the coffee?

Sambalatte in Vegas has hopped on the rainbow food train to create a latte that looks like you've spent a little too long breathing at a Phish show. Mason Salisbury, resident barista, creates these beautiful rainbow espresso drinks by using food coloring to the milk. Far out, man.

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