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By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Here's who won our weekly giveaways

Every Friday at 3 PM ET, you can find us on Facebook Live announcing the winners of all of our weekly giveaways. From free coffee for a month to upcoming releases like Death Wish Coffee Cold Brew, you have a chance to win it all over at on our contests page. This week, we announce winners for a month's supply of coffee and a mug, a 4-pack of our soon-to-come cold brew, and our first-ever mystery box. Tune in below to find out if you won. 


This week's winners

Our mystery box winners are:

  • Nathan Hedger
  • Roger Manty
  • Jerry Baker
  • Steve House
  • Michelle Finch

This week's cold brew winner: Rachel Hines

This week's free coffee for a month winner: Nick Kegler

Win free coffee for a month and a mug


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