Take a look at some of our favorite pieces of community-submitted art

By Thomas Dragonette — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

One of the coolest things about social media is the ability to instantly connect with so many people from lands near and far. While I may not be the most enthusiastic social (media) butterfly, I do respect its power and how it brings us together.

Being a somewhat creative person myself, one of my favorite things about being so connected with our fans is the ability to see different interpretations of our coffee through an artistic lens. At Death Wish Coffee, we get tons of people tagging us online or just straight up sending us photos, drawings, carvings, prints, music, and a shitload of other off the wall, creative renditions of our product that impress me more and more each time I see them. The point is, we are really lucky to be connected to so many creative individuals and we thank you for contributing to this society of strong coffee.

Below is a list of some of the best, most recent community art we have received from you. 

@scottminzy is a printmaker, lo-fi animator, and doodler

scott minzy


@spookyprint is an artist, illustrator, and screen printer 


@h2.designs is a freelance designer and illustrator


We would love to see more of your work. If you or someone you know has the creative itch, tag us @deathwishcoffee and show us what you're working on.

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