What's Brewin' at HQ? High school career insights tour

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

For almost two years, Kristen has been managing the Death Wish Coffee office. You can find her organizing employee events, paying bills, writing blogs, and most importantly, brewing coffee for the crew on a daily basis. 

In this What’s Brewing at HQ series, Kristen tells the world what’s going on behind the scenes at Death Wish Coffee Headquarters.


High school career insights tour

Most students don't know what is available right in their back yard as far as career opportunities go. Whether this be kids that come from families with parents that have never worked or they are just unaware of what is out there, Death Wish was presented a great opportunity to touch base with a group of local students to show them some unique pathways they may be interested in and help to educate them on how to get there. Our mission is to tell them our own stories and backgrounds of how we got where we are today. The perfect student listens to their teacher, but hearing it from someone in the outside world that walks in those shoes daily is a bit more interesting than their everyday lessons.


The ‘Insights Tour’ was created for 20-25 students to come into our facility for an engaging experience with knowledgable professionals. We decided it would be best to split the students up among the office and the production side and then swap the teams. This will give them a closer interaction with each employee, allowing them to get the most out of their time spent on each side.


In the two hours we have with the students, we plan to talk to them about what kind of jobs we came from before Death Wish and how that persuaded our decisions to join the coffee industry. They will leave with a better understanding of what qualities they may need to acquire such a position after high school. Along with recommendations for specific degrees that will be beneficial to them, it is very crucial that we still touch on the importance of soft skills with them, (eye contact, use of cell phones, etc.) as that tends to slip their minds easily when it's something they're not accustomed to doing in a professional atmosphere. A little reminder could make a huge difference in their first big interview. 

Kristen Underwood: From Cosmetic Manager to Office Manager.
Before I became Death Wish's Office Manager, you would have found me running around all hours of the day helping people find the best skincare and makeup for their personal skin concerns and preferences. I worked as a manager in several makeup stores including Sephora, Ulta and Macy's. I also dabbled in serving for quite some time. The long hours spent on my feet would have been near impossible without a few strong brews to get me through. Death Wish saved me.

Justin Bailey: From Teacher to Production Worker with a side of Health and Safety.
Before joining the Death Wish team, Justin was a true mentor to an abundance of people. He started with teaching high school trigonometry and went on to teach kids with Autism. He's got the personality to strive in any industry, but, Death Wish was his calling as well. Now you can find Justin grinding coffee beans, packing k cups and roasting.

Adam Ballard: From Doggy Daycare to the Warehouse.
Before hopping on the bandwagon at Death Wish, Adam was playing with dogs all day and night! That's right, a professional belly rubbing fetch player. Why he came here, giving up being surrounded by puppies, I couldn't tell you, but Death Wish sucked him in, too and we couldn't be happier. Now you can find Adam grinding coffee beans, packing k cups and roasting.

Eric Donovan: From Childhood Education to Logistics Manager.
Before Death Wish was born, Eric went to school for childhood education. He's unbelievably great with kids, but chose the coffee industry. I guess when you have a kid as cute as his, you need coffee to keep you up long enough to spend as much time as humanly possible with them! Now you can find Eric leading our Logistics team.

Tim O'Connor: From CFO to CFO.. of Death Wish Coffee Company.
Tim is our newest addition to the Death Wish team. He came rolling in as an extremely experienced CFO that knows his finances. As we continue to expand, he's the guy we need. Being so successful in his past, we knew he was the right choice, which is why instead of just him choosing Death Wish, Death Wish chose him.

Death Wish Coffee is overwhelmingly excited to jump at this opportunity and help out within our local community! Side note: My favorite part of high school was the field trips that got me out of school, the fire drills that took time out of class, and the sound of the last bell at the end of the day. School was not my thing, and it may not be for you, either. However, keep in mind, there will always be something for you. Death Wish was for me, and it could eventually be for you, too! 

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