Here's The Untold Story About Our Truck

By Thomas Dragonette — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Our First Attempt At Mobility

A couple of years ago we got this brilliant idea to buy a beat-up, used book truck and transform it into a caffeine dispensing machine straight out of a Mad Max Movie. The whole team had this epic vision of us piling in the truck, out on the open road, blaring heavy metal and slinging hot coffee to hordes of undercaffeinated souls. There was one problem...the truck looked like this.

I remember spending hours outside with a razor, scrapping, pulling and ripping off old flakey vinyl sometimes screaming "what the f**k am I doing right now!?!" Luckily it was late summer so the sunshine and cool breeze made the experience tolerable. 

Initially, my plan was to strip this thing down and have a body shop paint the entire thing black. Then ship it over to our vinyl dude and have him cover it with art. So I got to the drawing board on designing it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Swedish, a.k.a Mr. Tinker, had other plans. This dude came in like a thief in the night one weekend and pulled the truck into the new warehouse we just acquired and started spraying some bizarre, peelable paint all over the truck. He figured if we wanted to change the design we could just peel the whole paint job off and start over. It didn't quite work out like that.

I will credit him and say the truck came out looking like a million bucks. It was deep black, head to toe and looked like it was ready to take on anything, but like they say, don't judge a book by its cover. 

Fast forward to Friday, the day we dropped this beast off to get decorated. All of us anticipating coming in Monday and seeing this gnarly truck, beaming in all of its glory. Sounds cool, right? Instead, we get a message letting us know that whatever chemicals are in that weird, peelable, paint we slathered all over the truck, is making it impossible for the decals to adhere too. It's like John sprayed a branding forcefield around the entire truck. 
Eventually, their team sorted it out getting the decals to stick. Project complete...
Upon arrival back at the facility, the team came out rejoicing, taking photos, dishing out several high fives and "fuck yeahs!" thinking about all the cool shit we would be getting into with this thing. First and foremost NYCC. One problem. During our few minutes of glory, the decals on the driver's side of the truck that was in the sun decided that they no longer wanted to be part of the plan and started peeling up.
Back to the drawing board, again. John eventually found a spray adhesive that was good at keeping the decals down so we had to have half the truck restickered, then spray the truck in its entirety with this glue. It looked like victory was finally ours. And it was. 
After months of towing and fixing and scraping and spraying and sticking and gluing we had our battle wagon ready for action. Then it failed inspection. 
That's not the end of the story. As most of you know we got it up and running and have successfully completed numerous road missions with this trusty bucket of bolts. But the time has come to step our game up. We crunched some numbers and realized that there was an opportunity to connect with more of you in person and give an awesome experience at the same time, which brings us here.
We have a new surprise in the works and we wanted to give you a little look at the progression of this new beast. 

 As we wrap this thing up we'd love to hear what cities you want us to visit and why. Just fill out the survey below and get us traveling to your town. 

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