Why buying Fair Trade coffee is so important to us

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Why Fair Trade Coffee?

When you’re kicking back, relaxing with that cup of coffee you’ve become reliant on, do you ever wonder about the journey of the coffee beans? How did it get from a bean on a tree to that divine flavor you can’t wait to get ahold of every morning? Every decision made is based on honoring the hard-working farmers at the root of this journey. Death Wish has the ‘World’s Strongest’ belief in purchasing beans through Fair Trade, only to ensure we will always know exactly where our coffee is grown, who grew it, how they're treated and the benefits they receive through this unique direct trade.


Through trading this way, we’re hoping to help farmers raise their families out of poverty, provide them with an opportunity to improve their communities’ infrastructure and give their children a chance at an education. The out of sight power Fair Trade has makes it possible to reverse an economy traditionally based on taking advantage of inequalities and ignoring environmental needs. In choosing Fair Trade, we have made a commitment to make decisions that positively impact people and the environment instead of focusing on the lowest cost or most convenient actions.

So, the question remains: Why buy Fair Trade Coffee? By purchasing Fair Trade, you’re helping farmers improve their lives, their children’s lives, and their communities’ lives. One decision that may seem insignificant to you, what kind of coffee to buy, can make a significant impact on many lives behind the scenes.


Now you’re getting ready to kick your feet up again and sip on that delicious java. While the decision to have coffee in the first place is non-existent and inevitable, put that thought into the community that produced the coffee beans and made that perfect cup possible for you. If you’re going to drink it, you might as well drink the best of it.

Photos courtesy of Fair Trade 

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