Our direct marketing specialist was a professional paintball player before joining Death Wish

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How Will Critcher became a professional
paintball player

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Will Critcher knew that “teamwork makes the dreamwork” years before he captured his role as the Direct Marketer for Death Wish Coffee Co.  No one wins alone, and Critcher learned the complexities of the game of life from playing professional paintball. He discusses his strategies in this episode of Fueled By Death Cast.

A photo of a man, Will Critcher, wearing a paintball uniform, goggles, and holding a paintball gun

In 8th grade, Critcher got involved in playing first-person shooter computer video games but suffered from the lag that came with having a slow internet speed at home. Got to love older technology, right?

During his freshman year of high school, an older student had a paintball magazine that Critcher admired and he let him take it home. Critcher and his best friend were impressed with what they saw on the pages and decided to get a few paintball guns to try it out.

“The first team I ever played for was a D3 team called ‘The Crazy Eighty-Eights’ and we played in the first national tournament,” Critcher said. “We lost every single game. We were playing seven-man and then you have the playoffs on Sunday. I think the same thing I thought about when I started Unveil [his agency] was probably happening around then because I thought, 'Man, these guys are holding me back.'"

Critcher had bigger goals in mind.

“I wanted to play with people who were more my style. I was getting better, I played a lot and practiced in the back of my house. I had my parents take me every single week. I practiced 54 out of 56 weeks.”

Critcher was very dedicated to paintball and opted to make the move.

“I then went from the Eighty Eights to a team called 'Brigade' and that's where I got a lot of my understanding and fundamentals down. From 'Brigade' to 'Wisdom,' which is D2, our team disbanded, and I joined a team called 'Oakland Fusion,' which is D1 and I very quickly guested for a pro team, 'The OC Bushwackers.'"

Critcher made a few more moves and never gave up on his love of paintball.

“I went pro at 17 and that was my plan. I was going to do that for the rest of my life. I got to travel all over the country and made absolutely no money. I made very little money from sponsorships, but it was a ton of fun.”

Critcher even landed on ESPN in a Huntington Beach tournament in 2006.

“I grew up real fast playing paintball. I was around older, cooler guys and a lot of life lessons were learned from it. It was the greatest time of my life,” Critcher recalls.

“The beginning of my demise,” as Critcher puts it, was quite an insane moment that can only come from the dedication, adrenaline rush and love of the game of paintball.

Catch the full details of how Will sent the opposing team to the dead box in this episode of Fueled By Death Cast.


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