This person just won a four-pack of cold brew. You can be next.

By Death Wish Coffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Enter to win Death Wish Cold brew

Coming in 2019 is one of our most highly anticipated products to date: Death Wish Coffee Cold brew. And because we're super excited, we're giving away 4-packs of cold brew every week before the release.

This week's cold brew winner is Richard Perks! 

You have the chance to win a 4-pack of black cold brew or slightly sweet cold brew — all you have to do is enter below. 

We also run a weekly giveaway for a month's supply of Death Wish Coffee and a handcrafted 2019 mug gives you a shot at trying our original Death Wish blend every single Friday.

This week's free coffee for a month winner is Michelle Stanley! 

As always, check out to see all of our live contests. Good luck!   



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