We're giving away free coffee every single Friday

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Every week, we launch a new round of giveaways. From upcoming releases and one-of-a-kind items to the classics, every week is a new chance to go home with some radical coffee gear from the world's strongest coffee.

The only thing better than having copious amounts of coffee in your cabinet is have copious amounts of free coffee in your cabinet. We want to help you with that — every single Friday, we hook up one random person with a month's supply of coffee and a radical, handmade ceramic mug to drink it out of. If getting amped up on tons of free coffee sounds like a good fit for you, then all you have to do is enter to win. Then, hopefully, we'll randomly draw your name live next Friday.


This week's winner is Marlana Koref!

By the way, you didn't forget that we're running a badass giveaway for a custom-engraved Cold Steel War Hawk, and a huge five-pound bag of coffee, did you? We'll be taking entries for the rest of the week and announcing three winners on August 3rd. Don't be that guy that complains that they'll never win the lottery but never buys a lotto ticket. Put your name in the hat before this collaboration ends.

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