This Woman Is Using Coffee To Make Gorgeous Paintings

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Even though we've all been on the coffee boat since the beginning of time, it seems like lately, coffee is trendier than ever. From coffee-fueled busses to craft blends, the list is endless... Caffeine is building people up left and right, giving motivation to coffee shops around every corner. Not only is this heavenly beverage waking people up physically, but mentally with some really unique eye-catching art pieces. Coffee art doesn’t stop in the mug, in fact, it’s now being displayed on walls all around us.


According to Rojak Daily, Vivian Lee of Malaysia has turned her passion for java into a full-blown career and it has nothing to do with a coffee shop. It all started with The 2014 Coffee Art Fringe Festival Asia, where she took her love for coffee and turned it into a tangible caffeinated canvas. “Coffee is a trend. It is a lifestyle," she told them. "Coffee has a very distinct color that is able to create vintage and old-school feel on canvas. The shades of coffee have a sentimental quality that makes the artwork more pleasing to the eye. Coffee also has a glossy surface, so even when it dries, the texture stays on paper. So I use coffee as a medium to express and explore my creative works." 
While coffee art with lattes is something we've seen time and time again, this a whole new level of creativity when it comes to your daily brew. Now that I'm thoroughly inspired, I think another couple of pots of coffee should do the trick. 

Image via Instagram

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