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Introducing you to the women of Death Wish Coffee Company

Let's get this straight: Women are goddamn powerful. And Death Wish is lucky to have six powerful women in our ever-growing company After all, it takes strong women to create strong coffee. 

Beyond our full-time team of women, we work with others who keep Death Wish Coffee at the top of our game — including Dani Brown, our human resources consultant and Elizabeth Devlin, our intern.

Each of these women bring their own strengths to this company, and we're thankful for their hard work, passion, and dedication each and every day. Let's get to know each of them below. 

Teah Teriele, Marketing Manager

Meet Teah Teriele, our marketing manager. She’s been filling her cup to the top ever since the birth of Death Wish and it won’t stop any time soon. Her highly caffeinated personality is just what we need to run a successful marketing team. She goes above and beyond to keep everyone in the world up to date on who we are and what we’re all about. Her dog, Sadie, is also pretty much the best. 

Chelsea Battistelli, executive assistant

Meet Chelsea Battistelli, our executive assistant. To say Chelsea has set new bars for Death Wish Coffee is an understatement. Chelsea is Mike Brown's right-hand woman, making sure he knows when and where he needs to be. She keeps management organized and makes sure the company is always running smoothly, and she kicks ass on our shuffleboard team each and every week. She didn't own a Nerf Gun until working at Death Wish, but when you see her round the corner locked and loaded, you better watch out.

Kristine Wheeler, customer service guru

Meet Kristine Wheeler, one of our amazing customer service gurus. Talk about a problem-slayer. If you’ve ever had an issue with an order, you probably already know her. When it comes to making our customers happy, she’ll do whatever it takes. Send her a picture of a dog to really make her day.

Amanda James, office manager

Meet Amanda James, our office manager. She is the first person you see when you walk into our office, and she's always willing to lend a helping hand. She's in charge of keeping the company operating smoothly, which includes making sure our storefront is always stocked, keeping track of employee timesheets, and so much more. And she does it wearing amazing heels, which is pretty impressive.

Sierra Meisser, social media manager 

Meet Sierra Meisser, our social media manager who constantly emanates positive energy wherever she is. Sierra is one true rock star (and rock climbing pro) here at Death Wish, interacting with all of our loyal and extremely supportive community through social media. She's the voice behind all of our hilarious memes, too, and the enthusiastic, smiling face you see every week on Facebook Live. 

Shannon Sweeney, content manager

Meet Shannon Sweeney, our content manager. But since she started watching Game of Thrones, she's been referring to herself as the Mother of Content. She's responsible for managing and writing all of our content, including blogs, emails, and product copy. She also helps out with our donation requests, handles our public relations, and she plays a big role in our relationship with Special Olympics New York. 

    All together, they help make the world's strongest coffee


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