Drink all the coffee possible while you still can

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

When will the world's coffee supply run out? 

Coffee isn’t just a beverage. Coffee is a way of life, and for those of you who consume it, good job. You know what’s good for you. Coffee provides comfort, culture and is the essential source of caffeine that makes our daily lives possible. For those of you who don’t, what does life even mean to you?

Warning: The global coffee supply is at risk, with shortages already starting to affect the world.

According to a report from The Climate Institute of Australia, half of the world’s area deemed suitable for growing coffee will be lost by 2050 due to climate changes. By 2080, the report estimates that wild coffee could go extinct.

Arabica beans, the most commonly grown type of coffee, can only thrive in very specific climate conditions. As of now, that means tropical highlands around the globe, from Central America and Brazil to Indonesia, Vietnam, and East Africa, it’s place of origin.  However, with heavy rainfalls and drought, extreme weather conditions are making it harder to grow within these regions.

Temperature and heavy rain have played a big part in feeding a fungus called Coffee Leaf Rust spread through Central America and into South America. Pests such as the Coffee Berry Borer are spreading for like reasons and together, you can call them the A team when it comes to destroying crops.

This bad news is likely to become a reality unless the world can limit warming. While this lack of supply will affect millions of people that drink coffee every day, it’s important to think back to where the coffee comes from. This will also have a huge impact on the farmers who make a living from the coffee supply chain. Buying fair trade coffee is so important for this reason. By purchasing fair trade coffee, you’re helping support not only their lives but also their families’ lives as well as their communities — and you're supporting sustainable farming methods along the way.

With coffee being in high demand (especially my household), it may be that we will do whatever it takes to always have it around. But, just in case, drink all the coffee you can, while you still can.

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