The Roast: The worst Christmas movies of the season

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

The worst Christmas movies out there this holiday season

Not all Christmas movies can be as good Christmas Vacation or Elf. And the holiday selection on various streaming services prove that. 

Disclaimer: I personally am a huge fan of terrible Christmas movies. Anything Christmas-related is A-OK in my book. Give me some snow, a budding romance, some Christmas trees, an evil family member, and you have me absolutely hooked. Jeff and Dustin, on the other hand, are two tough critics.

On a recent Fueled by Death Show, hosts Jeff and Dustin roast some of the "worst" Christmas movies out there this holiday season on streaming services like Netflix and on the Hallmark channel. 

"It's all a bunch of shit," Dustin said, about ALL of these movies. 

Watch the video below to hear Jeff and Dustin roast some Christmas movies — including A Christmas Prince and Christmas Inheritance.

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