Love or hate: What side of the Candy Corn debate are you on?

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Candy Corn was ranked as the worst Halloween candy

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Candy – just one more reason to love October. We all have our favorites but what is the worst thing a trick or treater can receive? Apparently, it’s Candy Corn.

A white coffee mug with a Jack-o-lantern face sits on a table filled with orange Candy Corn

Love it or hate it, this tiny kernel of confectionary causes people to polarize real quick. It could always be worse, though.

Taste is always going to be subjective but in a recent article by Martha Stewart, Candy Corn is officially America’s Least Favorite Halloween Candy. In a survey of 30,000 who purchased candy for themselves, candy corn received bottom of the barrel rankings in the popularity contest.

Lovers of candy cult classics tend to live on lonely island, but there are other unpopular picks that also make the list. No one should have to feel alone with their unpopular preference of candy choice — no one.

The second-least favorite candy is circus peanuts.

The fourth least favorite is wax cola bottles.

Necco wafers, were almost forever forgotten before diehard fans pushed for a bailout of its parent company. 

Bit-o-Honey, Good & Plenty, Smarties, Tootsie Rolls and peanut butter kisses also made the bad list.

There are some truly disgusting candies running loose in the world that make candy corn or a black licorice based Good & Plenty look like a walk in the park compared to one from this list. Who buys this stuff and do kids actually want to eat ear wax candy and drinkable blood bags?

It’s okay to like the kind of candy that you like and to give whatever kind of candy you choose for Halloween – except for something of the list of truly disgusting candies. That is taking things too far.

All I’m saying is, there is a special place in hell for anyone who hands out pennies on Halloween. Do not be one of those people.

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