Death Wish Coffee: You Asked, We Answered

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

I asked our fans if they would like to ask any questions about Death Wish Coffee- whether it be about our coffee, deals, staff, or products.

Has the staff ever had a "who can stay awake the most days" competition?

-Edgar C

This is an awesome question because it isn't even a competition. Hands down, the answer is John.

John is a husband, father of four, and workhorse extraordinaire that somehow manages to stay awake almost constantly. Seriously, I've considered sending this dude's DNA to a lab for tests. I have never had to wait more than five minutes for an email back from John. I've left work for the day and come back the next morning to see him still making Death Cups- for three consecutive days. It really is remarkable.


Is your job as fun as it looks? Producing such an awesome product that makes so many people happy has got to be freaking cool as hell! -Dawn W

Dawn, I'm so glad you asked. I've heard it is not in good taste to brag about one's job without proper provocation, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't love every goddamn second of this place. I started as a bookkeeper and was able to advance into the more creative aspects of the company.

 The owner, Mike, has it set up so we pretty much manage ourselves and take on tasks of our own interest. Coffee has been a passion of mine since I was introduced to the professional coffee world at fifteen. Making people happy and productive with Death Wish has truly been even more awesome than it may seem. Carving a pumpkin on the clock wasn't too shabby, either.


If I drink your coffee will I be able to grow a nice full thick beard like you guys? -Benji G

All of the guys here have the potential to grow incredible beards. Eric obviously takes the cake for the best, biggest, and most consistent beard. 

Speaking of beards, there's an awesome company called 1740 Beard Balm that infuses their balm with Death Wish Coffee. Beard balm + good genes = a beard like Eric's. 


Is it possible to sample your coffee before purchasing? -Kathy KP

This is a great question because I understand not wanting to drop $20 on something that you can't even try. Being an online business, we are truly limited when it comes to sample-sized items. It just can't be as fresh as we would like it to be. We would hate for your first taste of Death Wish to be a morsel that has potentially been sitting for weeks. The quality just isn't there in certain aspects such as freshness, appearance, and price. To combat those issues, we offer a money back guarantee if you find that it doesn't exceed your expectations. We hope this is a reasonable alternative to samples for those of you that would like to try Death Wish.


Working with coffee and all, anyone ever fall asleep on the job? -_dave_the_human

A few months ago, we all took lunch at our regular Thai place nearby. As usual, I ate too much- which would normally warrant a nice cup of coffee when we got back to the office. This time, I knew if I had even a drop of anything I'd barf. So I clocked out and took a nap.

Not my proudest moment.


Will your coffee help me lose weight? -bovabrandon

Coffee in general can be a good way to kick start a weight loss journey. Coffee is a nice replacement for snacking or sugary drinks. Obviously it can give you the energy to be more active as well, but coffee alone won't burn fat. If you drink coffee with cream and sugar, it certainly won't help weight loss.


What's your favorite brewing method for Death Wish and Valhalla and why? What is your recommended brew time via a variety of methods [...]? -charliethetrainer

My favorite method for Brewing Death Wish has to be the Chemex. I might be biased because the Chemex is my favorite brewer across the board. It's just interesting to enjoy such a strong coffee through a brewer as clean as the Chemex is. However, I do enjoy Valhalla best in a french press. Valhalla just has the kind of flavor that you almost want to eat. That last sip from a french press is deliciously sooty, and it's probably closest I can get to munching Valhalla short of chewing the beans.

Brew time is funky to blanket even for one kind of brewer. I usually keep it around four minutes for most methods- Chemex, French Press, AeroPress. The time is always consistent when I'm using our industrial grinder, but if I'm grinding with a cranker, things can get a bit fuzzy. 


Referral program. I've already referred at least ten people. There should be a program to earn cool goodies. -Liza L

Yes and yes. Right now, I'm working on a good way to keep track of those sort of things. You are the people that keep us in business and we want to reward you in every possible way. It is in the works. Keep an eye out for some more information regarding referrals through us in the coming weeks.


What's the deal with the Valhalla coffee that was sent with my Death Wish coffee order?

Sounds like we messed up in your favor. I'm going to assume it was Kane's fault. For your enjoyment, here's a small collection of pictures of him trying to fit things on his giant head.



Thanks for reading! Comment below with your questions or comments for a chance to be answered in our next week's blog!

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