Stay in this Star Wars Airbnb that isn't in a galaxy far, far away

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This Airbnb includes a different Star Wars theme in every room 

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

The latest trilogy surrounding the Skywalker name may be over, but Star Wars fans can still find delight in a themed Airbnb that is not located in a galaxy far, far away.

A bedroom in a Star Wars-themed Airbnb where the bed is shaped like a spaceship

VT shared the news of Twelve Parsecs House by Loma Homes — a nine-bedroom/five-bathroom rental that reflects a different Star Wars theme in every square inch of the property. Float on and dream away in Cloud City, catch a binary sunset on Tatooine and explore the outer rim territories with a stop at swampy and secluded Dagobah and more.

There are hidden Easter Eggs scattered throughout the home, so enjoy exploring the re-creation of the galaxy to find them all. There’s room for 16+ guests in this domain, in addition to a heated pool at no extra charge. Sounds delightful this time of year for those sub-zero days on Hoth.

A mere 15-minute drive from Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida will put this vacation memory light years ahead of other hotel stays. At around $275 a night, gather your family or your closest Star Wars super fans and plan that escape now. Sorry, Galactic Credits are of no value here.

Now I know how I want to spend every May 4. 

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