Chili Recipe with Coffee (and Beer!)

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One Chili to Bind Them All


Sometimes you can bring together things you love but not love the result. Like family reunions.

Your spouse, parents, siblings, kids, that uncle who always seems to be about three bourbons deep — they’re all great on their own. But put them together and suddenly everyone’s talking over one another or telling stories you’ve heard no less than 47 times before.

But other times, combining several things you love turns out like the Infinity Gauntlet: A staggering work that strikes awe in those who experience it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the Infinity Gauntlet of chili recipes. It fuses your favorite things, like coffee and beer, to create a unique and supremely delicious flavor that will bring you dominance over the entire universe -- or at least your next chili cook-off.

Why Beer and Coffee in Chili Work

The best chili recipes tell you something about the personality of their cooks and involve a little bit of surprise. This is why adding coffee or even beer to your chili will produce a result that works. Using coffee in the mix adds all the subtle flavor notes you love — like the subtle hints of chocolate and cherry from Death Wish Coffee.

Beer, meanwhile, incorporates a light malty sweetness. In this recipe, we suggest a lager or lighter beer to allow more of the coffee and chili spices to come through.

Combine all that with the earthy nuttiness of cumin and heat from the chili powder and you have a blend containing several flavors that work in concert to create a delightful taste experience: Umami savory upfront, subtle sweetness in the middle, with a light spicy finish.

Chili Recipe Truths We Hold To Be Self-Evident

Here are some facts about chili that not everyone understands (but should):

  • Chili should be simple to make. Put stuff in a pot. Add some more stuff. Voila.
  • It shouldn’t create tons of dishes. Notice we said “a” pot. That’s all it should need.
  • It should have the right balance of meat and beans. You ought not feel like you’re eating a cow. You don’t want to spend the rest of the day crop-dusting family or coworkers.
  • The result must be delicious. Otherwise, GTFO.

This recipe meets all those requirements, showing you can use simple techniques to create surprising results. After gathering your spices, all you’ll need to do is cook up the meat, mix in the beans and brewed beverages, then walk away, returning only to stir from time-to-time.

Don’t freak out when you first pour in the beans, coffee and beer. You might look down at the pot and think it looks watery, however, we’ll be simmering off much of that liquid. The end result will give you all the flavor you want with an ideal chili consistency.

Death Wish Coffee Chili Recipe (with Beer)


  • 1 large pot or dutch oven
  • 1 spatula

CUISINE: American

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