Death Wish Coffee Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Why Coffee Flavored Cookies Rule


Introducing the perfect afternoon perk-up. If you love coffee, chocolate, and cookies, we’ve just invented your new favorite treat. Get ready for an insanely delicious coffee-flavored cookie that will both excite your tongue and pump up your enthusiasm for the rest of the day.

The Death Wish Coffee Double Chocolate Chip Cookie is the tastiest solution to the 3 p.m. lull ever invented—and it’s easier to make than you could ever imagine.

Coffee and chocolate have complementary flavors. Each strengthens the other, so when they come together it’s like the robots uniting to form Voltron. The combination is even more powerful than the individual parts.

But these delectable coffee-flavored double chocolate chip cookies give you more than just fabulous taste. Bite in and you’ll discover that this profoundly potent little cookie packs the wallop of caffeine you need to re-open your eyes and re-adjust your focus for the rest of your workday. Or try them at a party and notice how much perkier you feel 20 minutes later.

How Instant Coffee Changes the Game for Baking

Creating cookies infused with the World’s Strongest Coffee is like baking with benefits. Your taste buds get happy first, but your body gets in on the action soon — and stays lifted long after. And now that Death Wish Coffee comes in instant coffee form, crafting cookies and other confectionery that’s deliciously eye-opening is easier than ever.

While some recipes like chocolate cake call for a brewed cup of coffee, instant coffee offers a time-saving shortcut. And while some might resort to using espresso powder to create the coffee flavor, espresso powder is notoriously bad at making actual coffee. By opting for Death Wish Instant Coffee, you get both the robust coffee flavor you want to pair with your chocolate and the ability to make a kick*ss mug of java on the quick. Also, you’ll find the end result of your baking to be far more potent. Which leads us to an important point…

These Cookies Are So Good, You Won’t Want to Share Them With Your Kids

And honestly, you probably shouldn’t. While they’d likely find these sweet, salty, moist, and chocolatey morsels to be just as delicious as you do, they also might go crazy when the caffeine baked in hits their bloodstream. And most kids are already apesh*t. They don’t need the extra zip. Save the rocket fuel for Mom and Dad. If the kiddos complain, bake them a batch without the instant coffee mixed in.

Death Wish Coffee Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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