GIVEAWAY: How to win a custom-branded Cold Steel axe

By Shannon Sweeney — / The Archive

Congrats to the winners: Tyler George, Jesse Dunaway, and Donovan Johnson! 

What else could you need to take on your day other than a war hawk and a strong cup of coffee? Our coffee has already been described as the fuel you need for battle, but this takes it one step further. We're giving away a Cold Steel War Hawk that's as strong as our coffee so you're prepared for anything that comes your way. Plus, you'll get a 5-pound bag of coffee to go with it. 


The Cold Steel War Hawk combines the tactical styling with historically inspired design elements from fighting hand-axes of old. With its wide “bearded” axe head and curved reinforced reverse Tanto style spike it is a thoroughly modern tactical tomahawk and breaching tool! Each War Hawk is supplied with a patented articulated Secure-Ex sheath.


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