Riki Rachtman is traveling the country on a motorcycle for veterans

By Kristen Underwood — / The Archive

As a motorcycle enthusiast, Riki Rachtman’s passion for riding has allowed him to spend the better part of his life on two wheels. With his immense desire to support some very deserving charities, it was only a matter of time before he hit the road to tour the states while raising donations and spreading awareness, thus the spawn of Riki’s Ride.

This year, Riki plans to mix things up a bit, hence the tag “The Big Melange”. This year, his goal is to ride 18,000 miles hitting several spots along the way. His journey will start in Phoenix, Arizona for Bike Fest, then he’ll be heading on to Dover and Darlington NASCAR races, Sturgis, NYC, Viva Las Vegas festival and Rainbow Anniversary in Hollywood. Riki will be Grand Marshall for Dee Sniders Charity Ride in Long Island, New York and this just a short list of many, many more events waiting for approval. Talk about a worthy bucket list to check off!


With a better lead time, Riki plans on making more scheduled stops and appearances this year, starting with meet and greets at Phoenix Bike Fest. He’ll also be hosting a bike night on May 10th, in conjunction with the Indian Motorcycle dealership, Concord North Carolina Ride Now Powersports. He’s open to suggestions, so drop a comment if you’d like to see him in your town and we’ll make sure he gets the message!

Last year, Riki’s Ride raised over $20,000 for Claire’s Place, helping families with Cystic Fibrosis. Along the ride, he hooked up with his 2nd brigade, Bikers Against Soldier Suicide. Riki was floored to find that 22 veterans commit suicide every day and he couldn’t be more proud to help support the charity Stop Soldier Suicide. Donations will run through his website, rikisride.com (not launched yet), once his journey begins.

Stop Soldier Suicide works 1-on-1 with troops, veterans and military family members providing many resources.

Resources include:

  • Mental health, PTSD, and/or TBI referrals
  • Emergency financial aid
  • Housing assistance
  • Alternative therapies (HBOT, art therapy, equine therapy, etc.)
  • Retreats for military, veterans and their families
  • Education/ GI Bill

Riki catches his flight to Los Angeles on April 11th and his long ride begins on April 12th.

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