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By Megan Dority — / The Biz

Death Wish Coffee's All-Natural Pumpkin Chai  

Just in time for Pumpkin Spice Latte Season, our brew crew roasted up a Pumpkin Chai Coffee—without the chemicals you can’t pronounce.  Made with all-natural flavoring, Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic—this isn't your toxic ex's PSL.

A Chemex, black mug and black and orange bag of Death Wish Pumpkin Chai ground coffee sitting on a wooden kitchen counter.

What does all-natural mean?

It means the flavoring components in our Pumpkin Chai are 100% non-synthetic. We've got some pretty high standards.

Did you know a large majority of pumpkin coffees aren't au naturel? In fact, pumpkin spice blends only need about 5-10% of natural ingredients to trick consumers’ brains into thinking they’re drinking something that tastes similar to pumpkin pie, according to Kantha Shelke, food scientist for the Institute of Food Technologies. That means for most pumpkin spice blends out there, 90% of the drink is a blend of synthetic chemicals. 

“We saw the need to create a pumpkin coffee that meets the demands of our customers, and that demand was for an all-natural, Fair Trade and USDA Organic Pumpkin Chai Coffee. Artificial ingredients aren’t the right way to create a pumpkin blend—and that’s exactly why we wanted to do a pumpkin blend the right way.”  - Mike Brown, Founder + CEO

 A countertop with a hand pouring coffee grounds on to a white plate next to a Chemex and bag of Pumpkin Chai coffee.

What's in it? 

The Pumpkin Chai blend, formerly known as “Cauldron-Aged Pumpkin,” was inspired by the homemade chai recipe used at the local coffee shop where Death Wish Coffee was born. The recipe includes real spices that you’d find in the grocery store—like fresh ginger, hand-crushed cardamom, fresh cinnamon and whole black peppercorn. The spices are simmered for 8-10 hours and then mixed with unroasted 100% arabicabeans. The blend is finished off with the signature Death Wish Coffee roasting process.   

“Death Wish Coffee Pumpkin Chai is not just your run-of-the-mill pumpkin-flavored coffee. The perfect amount of pumpkin flavor is achieved through the addition of edible natural, organic-compliant essential oils to a portion of the roasted coffee bean. To create the uniquely delicious spice profile we use real, organic certified spices and tea that you see listed on the ingredient panel. This coffee is truly a labor of love with the goal being to provide the most off-the-hook pumpkin coffee experience of the season.”  - Lauren  Abendroth, Director of Research + Development 

According to Mintel, 39% of US adult coffee drinkers say they would be encouraged to buy coffee with no artificial ingredients and 25% with organic ingredients.  As a company that has a no BS guarantee, Death Wish Coffee Company saw an opportunity to create healthier coffee for their loyal coffee drinkers that is free  from  artificial ingredients, Fair Trade +USDA Organic—all while ensuring their blends remain highly caffeinated and never bitter.   

Two bags of Death Wish Coffee Pumpkin Chai in whole bean and ground and a box of k-cups.

Pumpkin Chai Offerings

There's nothing artificial about Death Wish Coffee Pumpkin Chai—just real, fresh ingredients that give it a true autumnal taste—without the chemicals you can’t pronounce.  Strong, seasonal and spiced up—if you’re looking for your fix of pumpkin spice, then try our all-natural Pumpkin Chai Coffee for a limited time only.

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