WTF is Golden Ticket Day?

By Audrey Kallenberger — / The Biz

Limited Edition Mug Giveaways

Golden Ticket Day is a chance to win one of our latest limited-edition mugs when you make any purchase on our website that day. Treat yourself or a loved one to a mug, a tee or 5 pounds of Medium Roast—or better yet, all of the above—and be automatically entered to win our latest limited-edition mug.

 A gray cat smelling a blue Death Wish Coffee mug.

Inspired by the chocolate magic of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory—but with a Reaper twist, on Golden Ticket Day we give away a super small batch of handmade mugs—made for swigging the World's Strongest Coffee.  

REAL TALK: Our mugs go fast. Want to win on Golden Ticket Day?  

The only way to win is to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social—and keep your eyeballs peeled.  

The Fine Print: 

  • Golden Ticket Day is a contest we do for most—but not all—limited-run mugs.  
  • Enter to win by placing any order on our site—or in our retail shop—during  the day, or weekend, of the contest. You can mail in an entry—address below for all you retro Reapers.  
  • The Golden Ticket mug colorway is not available to purchase—just to win. However, a regular release colorway is usually released within two weeks of the Golden Ticket contest mug.
  • You'll know if you've won when you open up your order and the mug is inside. 

To enter without making a purchase, send us an entry with your first name, last name and email address to Death Wish Coffee, free of charge to:  

Death Wish Coffee Co. 

260 Broadway 

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866  

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