Woman using an Aeropress on a Death Wish Coffee cup

The Aeropress is the newest darling of coffee making devices. This compact one cup machine may look complicated but once you get the hang of it, it might just become your go-to for your morning cup. It's a rapid, full emersion method that highlights all the right flavors in Death Wish Coffee without any bitterness. 


What You Need

Step One: Grind coffee 

Grind coffee so that it’s finer than salt but not as fine as sand.

Step Two: Add filter and water 

Put the paper filter into the cap. Add water to wet the filter.

Woman wetting an Aeropress filter

Step Three: Assemble 

Put the Aeropress together with the numbers facing down. 

Woman putting together an Aeropress

Step Four: Add coffee and hot water

Add ground coffee to the opening on the top. Add double the weight of your coffee in water so that it is fully covered.Let the coffee bloom for 45 seconds.

Woman adding coffee to Aeropress

Step Five: Add water

Use the rest of your water to fill the chamber.
Stir/agitate the grounds in a back and forth motion. 

Woman adding water to an Aeropress filter

Step Six: Press down

Gently press the grounds. This should take 30 seconds to fully press down. Fasten the cap on the top and flip the Aeropress over.  Place it on top of your cup and press down.

Woman depressing an Aeropress filter

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