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“Show up, give it your all, and be there for it.” - Caiden Tuller, customer service, Death Wish Coffee Company





We now have a deeper understanding about coffee, thanks to researchers breaking down the genome in Arabica coffee. On Science, Dustin and Jeff talk about how this will help farmers battle 'rust' and also help geneticists create knew strands of coffee beans. On What Fuels You, the idea of being considerate and understanding of others especially in such an aggravating and unforgiving world, can help you go far in life. Finally, on the Update, the origin of the 2017 Valentine's Day Mug design is revealed and more merchandise news.


Caiden Tuller joined the Death Wish Coffee team and now is the first line of defense when you have customer service needs. He sits down with the hosts this episode to talk about what the company was like when he joined and what skills you need to be able to perform well in customer service. He also shares some funny stories about day to day life as an employee of the World's Strongest Coffee.


Jeff: Let's talk about what you do at Death Wish Coffee.

Caiden Tuller: The reason I was hired was basically just to take on all of customer service, take on the social media, take on the emails, the phone calls. Basically, there's Kane, Kane Grogan, he works above me. He's pretty much the guy who interviewed me and got a feel for me and felt that I was a fit for the team. He was basically running the show as far as customer service goes. There was a lot of other things. It was a really busy time for the company. There was a lot of new ventures to be had, a lot of new opportunities and a lot of questions, a lot of unopened doors that we were really working on opening. Kane was working on taking on that role, helping to open those doors and really build the brand much bigger and just the company itself, much bigger than what it was and the customer service being such a huge part. It's everything. It's really everything when it comes to any business. Customer service is huge.

Dustin: Totally.

Caiden Tuller: Totally. It's so important.

Dustin: That's something that Mike has always been so focused on.

Caiden Tuller: Mike told me that he would go broke before he disappointed a customer.

Dustin: That's excellent.

Caiden Tuller: It meant a lot to me. You know what I mean?

Dustin: Yeah.

Caiden Tuller: It really did. Another thing that he told me that I'll never forget. There are customers that are good. There are customers that are frustrated. Some are very, very happy. They love to speak with you. Sometimes people are having a bad day and that's what he said to me. He's like, "There will be customers ... Just because the customer is a little rough around edges doesn't make them a bad person. It just means they're having a bad day." That goes with anything in life. You know what I mean? With anything. It really opened my eyes how to be a personable person, how to be a very hospitable person and that's really-

Dustin: Do you think that's affected your personal life?

Caiden Tuller: Absolutely, absolutely.

Dustin: In a positive way?

Caiden Tuller: In an extremely positive way. Someone cuts you off in traffic. You know what? That guy might be an A-hole. You know what I mean?

Dustin: Yeah.

Caiden Tuller: You might think that at the moment but you know what? Maybe he's just having a bad day. It is the way it is. It really opens your eyes. Customer service, taking it seriously and really believing in the company itself and believing in the customers and the fans, you know what I mean? This is really what everyone is at the end of the day. I don't feel like anyone is a customer. I feel like they're a fan because I'm a fan. You know what I mean?

Dustin: Yeah, they are. All of our fans, we're like one giant Death Wish family.

Caiden Tuller: It is like a family, man.

Dustin: It's crazy.

Caiden Tuller: That's why it's so enjoyable to work here and work amongst everyone is that it doesn't feel like work. It feels like hanging out with my friends and we chat about what we like. We chat about what we don't like, what gets us and I do the same thing with the customers. When people call in, I find myself on the phone with people for like, Jesus, sometimes like 45 minutes where you're just talking with someone who just wants to talk whether it be about coffee or their kids coming to visit them or whatever it may be. Taking Mike's advice from the get-go of just do what you can for them. Do whatever you can them for them. Listen to them and try to understand them. It's so easy to do. It's just so easy to do and that's why I feel like I can come in every day and it's not like, oh, I got to get up and go to work. It's like, yeah, I'm going to work.

Jeff: That's awesome.

Caiden Tuller: I get to chat. I get to see these people. I get to talk to these people. Everything about it is great literally from A to Z.
Back to just how I started and why I was hired. It was basically just to take on the customer service department, build it into a department. When I started, there was seven of us.

Jeff: When did you start?

Caiden Tuller: I started not last September, it was the September before then. I went in for an interview the middle of August working a warehouse job. I was so tired of it. I didn't know what was next. I didn't know what the future had in store for me. I came across the ad for employment, customer service. I was like, "Yeah, I've done that."

Dustin: Did you hear about Death Wish before?

Caiden Tuller: I had heard about Death Wish before.

Dustin: How did you hear about Death Wish?

Caiden Tuller: It's Saratoga. Just being from Saratoga, New York. I noticed after I was hired and got to talking with everyone, a lot of us all have mutual friends. I think it's amazing. I just heard it just from speaking with people, just frequenting Saratoga, Saratoga Coffee Traders. Just Teah. Teah and I went to high school together.

Dustin: Oh, crazy.

Caiden Tuller: Yeah, really crazy. I remember she mentioned it before. I don't know. It's weird. The whole universe was like reaching out for me the entire time. It was like, we're going to come back for you. Then sure enough everything fell into place.

Jeff: You were saying that you went for your interview and you subsequently got hired at the company it was a much smaller company at that time?

Caiden Tuller: Yeah.

Jeff: Can you talk a little bit about what it was like your first couple weeks, month working here?

Dustin: We started pretty much around the same time.

Jeff: Oh, I didn't know that.

Dustin: It was right before the Super Bowl, pretty much.

Caiden Tuller: It was a few months.

Dustin: Right before we found out.

Caiden Tuller: Right, yeah.

Dustin: My second week there was like, "You guys won the Super Bowl." I was like, "What? What am I doing here?"

Jeff: Whoa. Wow.

Dustin: You were there I think maybe like a month before me so you got to see the lead up to the voting.

Caiden Tuller: All the pushes, yeah. It was intense. It was when I started exactly. When I started we were working toward building votes and helping to get the name out there because at that point it was really mostly ... It was Saratoga, Albany County that really knew about Death Wish or Coffee Traders really. You know what I mean? At that time it's where it all began from.
With having already an established online presence, which was a huge work in progress before I started up until that point and now, people were slowly starting to hear about us. We had a huge email list which was great. It was a really good size and that's how we reached out. That was our voice. That was our main means of communication and-

Dustin: Still is. Pretty much.

Caiden Tuller: Still is.

Dustin: Yeah. That newsletter is the jam.

Caiden Tuller: It's everything. They are so fun to read. It really is. It's amazing to see how much they've progressed.

Dustin: And now it's fun to listen to.

Caiden Tuller: And now it's fun to listen to.

Dustin: With the podcast connected to it every time.

Caiden Tuller: That's what I mean. It's grown. It's matured so much. It just gets better every week. It just seems to get better, everything all around. When I started, it was working on getting those votes and that was really what it was was just reaching out to customers and let them know a little bit more about what we were about and what we were looking to do. We've got a chance to win a Super Bowl commercial.

Jeff: Right.

Caiden Tuller: Super Bowl 50 at that, which was like-

Jeff: The biggest, the biggest one.

Caiden Tuller: To me the biggest. I remember being a little kid and watching football with my dad and being like, "Someday there's going to be a 50."

Jeff: I remember thinking the same thing.

Caiden Tuller: It's just nuts. It was nuts. Then to be a part of a company who had a 30-second spot featured during, to me, the biggest Super Bowl to have ever happened. It doesn't matter who was playing. To me, it's just the golden ... It's the golden anniversary.

Dustin: We're the smallest company,

Caiden Tuller: Ever.

Dustin: ... To ever have a Super Bowl and probably will ever have a Super Bowl commercial.

Caiden Tuller: Oh, absolutely.

Dustin: We were 12 people.

Caiden Tuller: At that time I think including warehouse-

Dustin: Including Mike.

Caiden Tuller: Including Mike and the warehouse guys, I think it was like 11 or 12 people. Very, very small.

Jeff: What has the growth been like? Obviously, we know that the company has grown leaps and bounds since then but for your job specifically, how has it been from your first days working here to now? Is it surreal still? Is it-

Caiden Tuller: It is absolutely still very, very surreal. There are some days where I come in and I'm like, "When I left yesterday, there had no emails to answer." I come in today and now I have 200 emails,

Jeff: My goodness.

Caiden Tuller: ... On just one platform. Like I said, we do social media and the phones. We have a live chat service now which is fantastic. That was implemented early on last year.

Jeff: Is that directly from the website, the live chat?

Caiden Tuller: Directly from the website. Yup, there's a little widget right off on the left-hand side. It depends if you're using a desktop or a mobile device. But we've got that live chat service. When we're not available, which is any time after 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, it changes into a little email widget so you can always send us an email, too. But having a live chat is amazing because it's like IM-ing your friends. You know what I mean? You go to live chat and you can send a little smile emoji. It's back and forth. People are very receptive to it in a very positive way. It cuts on emails which I have no problem answering emails. It really is pretty amazing how detailed some people will get in their email just to help you understand their issue. You know what I mean?

Jeff: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Caiden Tuller: They came to me because they needed help. You know what I mean? That's why live chat is so fun and unique because we can handle any issue right there on the spot. It's just troubleshooting right off the rip and it's fun. It's just fun to do. You know what I mean? It's not like, oh, I got to go to work and sit at my desk and answer emails. It's like, oh, I get to chat. I get to communicate on a real level with these people.

Jeff: That's awesome. You've been here for a couple of years now and in the trenches, in the frontline of customer service. Is there any surprising stories from that or any crazy ... I'm not trying to call out customers or anything, but is there any crazy instances that you had to deal with in your time here?

Caiden Tuller: Oh, man. There's been a lot. There's been a lot. Every now and then you get an angry customer who is just,

Jeff: I want the juicy details.

Caiden Tuller: ... Inconsolable, man, just so inconsolable. That's happened honestly since I've been here. I believe the most serious instance was just one time, and this gentleman was just so, so distraught and we did everything we could help him. You know what I mean?

Jeff: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Caiden Tuller: It's kind of he's-

Dustin: It's like what do you want? I know the one you're talking about.

Caiden Tuller: Yeah. What can I do?

Dustin: Yeah, please just tell me what you want and we will do that for you and he wasn't hearing it.

Caiden Tuller: He just didn't want it. To me, there is nothing to be upset about when it comes to coffee.

Jeff: Right.

Caiden Tuller: Nothing. How can you be angry at all? Not even an ounce. Not even a little bit. I was like-

Jeff: Have some more coffee.

Caiden Tuller: Exactly. Let me send you some more coffee. Let me do this. I will brew it if I have to for you, whatever I can do to help. That's one extreme. The other extremes are just people that will like I said when someone call and I spend like 35, 40 minutes on the phone with someone, it's because they are just ... They love it. Oh, they love it so much.

Dustin: They just had a cup of coffee, too.

Caiden Tuller: They will tell me that.

Dustin: They can't stop.

Caiden Tuller: It's funny when you can hear them-

Dustin: I can't stop talking right now.

Caiden Tuller: You're on the phone with them and you hear them do this ... Ah. One of those. You're like, "Okay." Then that's a good time for me to take my little coffee sip as well and then we enjoy it and we laugh and laugh.

Jeff: Shout out to all the fans of Death Wish, especially the official fan page on Facebook and everything.

Caiden Tuller: No doubt.

Jeff: Because they are what fuels this company as well because, like you're saying, you deal with them on a daily basis and some of them love this company so hard. It's incredible that just as a customer service agent, you're having half-hour conversations with people that you probably have never met.

Caiden Tuller: Never have met.

Dustin: It makes us feel like rock stars. We just constantly have an audience of awesome people cheering us on.

Caiden Tuller: Cheering, man. Just so ecstatic.

Dustin: So pumped up with caffeine and just like, "Wow."

Caiden Tuller: I do. I hold big thanks just to the coffee itself. You know what I mean?

Jeff: Yeah.

Caiden Tuller: Would we be this cheery without it?

Jeff: Exactly.

Caiden Tuller: Really?

Dustin: No. No.

Jeff: Exactly.

Caiden Tuller: We wouldn't. We wouldn't.

Dustin: Let's be real.

Caiden Tuller: Nobody is getting this amped up over tea.

Jeff: Or nasal spray.

Dustin: I'm calling you out, Britain.

Caiden Tuller: Yeah, eyedrops. Calling you out, Britain. No doubt. No doubt. Yeah, man. It's amazing the sea of fans out there. They love it for the same reasons we love it. You know what I mean? It's the brand. Skull and crossbones. Come on now. Come on now. It's perfect. It's perfect. The coffee is delicious, which I was a little skeptical when I started. I'll be honest. I wasn't too big on drinking coffee.

Dustin: Same here.

Caiden Tuller: Especially drinking coffee black. Of course, starting with roaster John and Mike of course. They took their turn coming to meet with their questions about me when I started. The first one, of course, do you drink coffee? Do you drink coffee black? My answers were both no.

Jeff: No. Yeah.

Caiden Tuller: No. I blinked and I opened my eyes and there was a black cup of coffee in front of me. I tried it and I was like, "This is the real deal. This is the real deal." I didn't know it could taste this great. Do you know what I mean? To have a proven effect was just even better.

Dustin: It's definitely a plus working for a company that makes bomb ass coffee.

Caiden Tuller: Yeah, dude.

Dustin: Let's say we have the exact same job. We get to do a podcast. We get to play ping-pong. We get to shoot some basketball. Do our thing here-

Jeff: We also do some work sometimes.

Caiden Tuller: Sometimes.

Dustin: I forgot about that.

Jeff: Yeah. Go on.

Dustin: Okay. Same thing. Everything is the same except for it's Folgers.

Jeff: Ugh.

Caiden Tuller: Oh no.

Dustin: Folgers Decaf.

Caiden Tuller: Namedrop.

Dustin: Folgers Decaf.

Caiden Tuller: Decaf.

Dustin: Right? Okay. There's just Folgers Decaf everywhere. It's all you smell. That's all you get to drink for free all day. The job just cut itself in half.

Jeff: Right.

Dustin: Oh, no. Count me out.

Caiden Tuller: Significantly. I'm all set. I'm all set. I can't even imagine. I'm picturing just decaf everywhere. It hurts my feelings a little bit.

Dustin: It kind of smell like crap, too.

Caiden Tuller: It does smell like crap. I don't taste the crap.

Dustin: I actually don't. Do you smell it in here anymore?

Caiden Tuller: Coffee?

Dustin: Yeah.

Caiden Tuller: No.

Dustin: Me either.

Caiden Tuller: But every time someone comes in they're like, "Oh, it smells amazing."

Dustin: You can smell it, right, Jeff?

Jeff: I still do when you guys are doing either ... If you guys are doing special blends like when you guys were getting the Hot Toddy together.

Caiden Tuller: Hot Toddy.

Dustin: Hot Toddy. Yeah.

Jeff: As soon as that would lock in here, it was just everywhere.

Caiden Tuller: Let me tell you a funny story about the Hot Toddy. When John was working on the recipe for this ... Everything is all organic. All the essential oils, all natural. But for these seasonal blends, they typically have a flavor profile. You know what I mean? We have the pumpkin blend I think. What did we do last year? It was-

Jeff: The Rum Ball.

Caiden Tuller: Rum Ball. Yeah, Chocolate Rum Ball.

Dustin: The Chocolate Rum Ball. Yeah.

Caiden Tuller: That was phenomenal.

Jeff: The warehouse smelled so good.

Caiden Tuller: Everything, my sweaters, when I came home from work, I was like, "Yeah, don't wash this yet. I'm hanging onto this." The Hot Toddy was a unique experiment and I will say experiment before I say experience because it was literally just John-like-

Dustin: Let's try this.

Caiden Tuller: Drop some of this in here and drop some of that. Here is all natural. Let's just see what it taste like. Of course being at the time we're in a really small warehouse and we were all jammed in.

Dustin: We were in a warehouse the size of this room in here.

Jeff: That's before you moved into this new facility.

Dustin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Caiden Tuller: Yeah. It was cool because we had a big garage bay door. Those are like our window.

Dustin: We popped that open.

Caiden Tuller: We would pop that open on the coldest of days even just to have that ... It's open. It was an open- [crosstalk 00:15:35]

Dustin: [crosstalk 00:15:35] Let all the bees in. Remember all the bees?

Caiden Tuller: The Bees.

Dustin: I've run around screaming. I'm allergic to bees and I'm sitting the closest to the door. We got to shut this a little bit.

Caiden Tuller: There was at least an hour every week total allocated to just bee ...

Jeff: Bee destroying.

Caiden Tuller: Just bee destroying, yeah.

Jeff: Destruction.

Caiden Tuller: Yeah, bee destruction.

Dustin: I was just constantly typing a letter at my desk at the time just trying to stay away from my keyboard because there's a bee just hovering around my desk.

Jeff: Oh, man.

Caiden Tuller: Finally we'd had it so we compromised. We shut the door a little bit. John was in the process of making the Hot Toddy and it has unique hints of apple. Apple was really the prominent factor that really went into that flavor.

Dustin: He was trying some stuff out.

Jeff: And there's a little cinnamon in it, too, right?

Caiden Tuller: Cinnamon, yeah, which was pleasant. I think we're all down with that but it was the apple.

Dustin: It was pretty pungent.

Jeff: Really?

Dustin: He had a pile of essential oils at his desk. Let's be fair.

Caiden Tuller: Correct.

Dustin: It's not even necessarily the Hot Toddy which was very pungent and really drove us out,

Caiden Tuller: It was the-

Dustin: ... For a little bit.

Caiden Tuller: There was probably like 60 bottles of flavors and oils,

Jeff: Oils and stuff.

Dustin: ... Just hanging out his desk spilling over.

Jeff: Oh, man.

Caiden Tuller: In a 15 by 15 area.

Dustin: You're only supposed to use a little bit of it.

Jeff: An eyedropper.

Dustin: Yeah. Small. He's just bah.

Caiden Tuller: Like Frank's RedHot.

Jeff: Oh, no.

Caiden Tuller: I put extra everything, man. Yeah.

Dustin: Who moved that coffee on my desk? We all did.

Caiden Tuller: We all did.

Dustin: Together. We each took it five steps and then tagged the next person in.

Jeff: Oh, my god.

Caiden Tuller: Slowly killing us.

Jeff: It was just apple everywhere then.

Caiden Tuller: Apple everywhere. He had a five-gallon bucket like a Home Depot type of style bucket. He had it about three-quarters of the way full with beans, freshly roasted beans and he had mixed it with the apple oil. The bay door is open. We're all just going about our day. The next thing you know it's everyone eventually slowly around the room like, "Does anybody else smell apples? Am I about to die? Is this the beginning stage ... "

Jeff: All I can smell is apples.

Caiden Tuller: Somebody warned me about this. We're like, "Where is this coming from?" Then we hear John shuffle his way over. Sure enough, it's John with his five-gallon bucket of beans. He's like, "Smell this." He puts the whole thing, just poof. At that time I sat close to the door. As soon as he comes in, I was the first person he'd see. Of course, I'm a target just waiting for him. He sticks the whole five-gallon bucket of beans to my face, literally almost knocks me on my ass.

Jeff: Oh, my god.

Caiden Tuller: Stuffs me in the chair. It was terrible. Couldn't get the smell out of my lungs, my nasal cavity. It was just the whole day. Of course, it was like 9:30 in the morning when this happened.

Jeff: No.

Dustin: Everything tasted like apples for a week.

Caiden Tuller: It was disgusting. It was terrible because it wasn't mixed yet. It wasn't the finished product. It was just the trial.

Jeff: It was like an uppercut to the face of apples.

Caiden Tuller: Literally like getting punched in the face by an apple tree. It was the worst of the worst time.

Dustin: We've talked about this before. This is not a coffee factory by any means. We're trying new stuff all the time.

Jeff: He's a mad scientist.

Dustin: Yeah. We have tried a lot of things that we weren't quite dialed in on yet.

Caiden Tuller: Yeah, absolutely.

Dustin: We've had to refine. For example, the first run of the Cold Brew was like ... The filter didn't work right and it was like-

Caiden Tuller: Not as good as it is now.

Dustin: You had it, too, Jeff.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dustin: It was like sludge. It was good though.

Jeff: Oh, yeah. It was a very good sludge.

Dustin: You get through just an inch of the can and you'd be like, "Is anybody out sweating?"

Caiden Tuller: What time is it? How long have I been here?

Jeff: I'm pretty much known for having an iron stomach and I also like to consume all sorts of different liquids. I've never had my brain scream at my entire body to stop after drinking that sludge.

Caiden Tuller: Quickly.

Jeff: I had half of a cup of it and my brain was just like, "You're going to die."

Dustin: It's not always going to be a win. We're trying new stuff. No company has tried to make cold brew like we make cold brew.

Jeff: No, not at all.

Dustin: We had to refine the filtration process which we have and now we're working ... Don't worry, people. You'll see it very, very soon. I'm sorry I brought it up.

Jeff: It's okay. It's okay.

Caiden Tuller: I know, right? I'm going to get so many emails just talking of this lunch, brief conversation.

Dustin: Oh, no.

Caiden Tuller: It is on its way, guys. It is on its way. It really is and it's better than ever. It really is. The last time I tried it I was like, "Yup. I think this is ... "

Jeff: You guys nailed it.

Dustin: It's only going to get better.

Caiden Tuller: Finally dialed in. It is, too. It really is. Yeah, man. It's a whole new level. It's a whole new experience when it comes to drinking coffee.

Jeff: That's just so great about this company, too, is ... I tell this to people who either have just heard about Death Wish or have never heard about Death Wish. One of the things I always say about the company is Death Wish Coffee is fearless. You guys like the mad scientists of the company. It's never should we do this? It's can we do this?

Caiden Tuller: Right. Right.

Jeff: This is an idea that we have. Let's throw it against the wall and see if it sticks.

Caiden Tuller: Totally.

Dustin: You're talking about a company of 11 or 12 people who won a Super Bowl commercial. You think we're sane?

Jeff: Right.

Dustin: You think we got it together?

Jeff: No. Not even close.

Caiden Tuller: No.

Dustin: You got to be a little bit nutty to get this far. There's definitely a lot of nuts here. I love it.

Jeff: You've talked a little about this already because I get the feeling that your position as a customer service representative is not just work. What actually fuels you to keep doing this with the company? Like you said, you were working warehouse jobs. It wasn't necessarily something that you set out to do originally but now you seem to be having a hell of a time doing it. What fuels you to keep going with it?

Caiden Tuller: I think it's just adventure. You know what I mean? I've always been about being outside and going here and exploring and learning and adapting and that's adventure. You go on an adventure. You do all of those things and I feel like every day here is just a brand new adventure. It's a new endeavor. It's a new adventure and it's mystery. It's so mysterious.
There's an overall gist of Death Wish in the job and what we go through as employees here and just a family and a team. It doesn't really seem ... When you say "employees," it's like Mike the owner and then this guy and this guy and this guy. No, we're a team. We're a big unit and that part really gets me here every day. You know what I mean? I get to go on a new adventure with my friends every day, every day. You never know what's going to happen. You never know what's going to happen and that fuels me.
What cool after work things we have going on whether it'd be going to Albany Distilling or we're going to check out things down in downtown Saratoga or whatever it may be that Death Wish is affiliated with.


Caiden Tuller: Fucking NASCAR, man. We went to Dover, Delaware as a team. A lot of us that had the given time to go down there for that. It's stuff like that. We went on a hot air balloon trip with Mike and that was just a spur of the moment. Just, hey, who wants to come do this trip with me?

Jeff: Right.

Caiden Tuller: You know what I mean?

Dustin: I think we got like a message at 8:00 the night before. Hey, who wants to go on a hot air balloon ride? You got to be up at-

Jeff: Meet me at 5:00. Yeah. Yeah.

Caiden Tuller: Group text. Meet me at 5:00. Yeah, man. It's cool stuff like that. It's not all incentive. It's not all about the perks. But of course, everybody and anybody in their right mind is going to appreciate that and enjoy the hell out of it. It's just being in a position to be exposed to that, exposed to just such genius. You know what I mean? I look at Mike and I see that guy has brains. You know what I mean? He has such a good idea about everything and such a great guy to learn from and to observe.
Then, of course, there's just every other person on this team. You can learn something so unique from them and that fuels me. Learning about people and talking with people and being around people, it's just ... I enjoy that. Nobody wants to be alone. When you got your friends, you're never alone. The more you're open to having new friends of all different walks of life, you'll never be alone. You have nothing to worry about. There's always someone to talk to.

Jeff: That is excellent.

Dustin: I feel like sometimes here when a situation arises, I don't even want to call it a problem because it's more of a puzzle.

Caiden Tuller: Always.

Dustin: It's like an obstacle. Kane, check this out. Can you check this out for me? It's like, "All right, Kane. All right." It turns into the office at CSI like in the show. It's like, "All right. All right." I get this endorphin rush. Oh, I love working as a unit. Do you get that, too?

Caiden Tuller: Every time. Every time you feel amazing.

Jeff: That's good though.

Dustin: Goosebumps.

Jeff: That makes it not only a good work environment but it obviously makes it a strong company as well.

Caiden Tuller: Absolutely.

Jeff: That's one of the great things about Death Wish Coffee.

Caiden Tuller: Absolutely.

Jeff: You've been here for a couple of years now. You've seen the growth. Obviously the huge bump of the Super Bowl commercial. What's next for the company? Do you see any goals or are there any goals of your own that you see being fulfilled?

Caiden Tuller: Oh, man. Top floor similar to Trump Tower. I want to just overlook the entire city and rub my mitts together and know that it's ... No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I picture ...

Dustin: Scarface style. I like it. I like it. [inaudible 00:25:36] like Scarface.

Caiden Tuller: Exactly, exactly.

Dustin: Just a pile of ...

Caiden Tuller: Coffee beans.

Dustin: Coffee, coffee beans.

Caiden Tuller: Cocoa beans.

Jeff: There we go. I see the parallels there. They're crazy.

Caiden Tuller: Isn't it amazing? Isn't it amazing?

Dustin: Say hello to my little friend.

Caiden Tuller: I call him Keurig.

Jeff: Mic drop.

Caiden Tuller: That's it. Sign off.

Jeff: Oh, my gosh.

Caiden Tuller: I don't know. That's a crazy question. I think that takes me back to how every day is a new adventure. You know what I mean? I never really know ... Remember those candies Wonder Ball?

Jeff: Yup.

Caiden Tuller: What's in a Wonder Ball?

Jeff: What's in a Wonder Ball?

Dustin: I don't know. I don't know anything about Wonder Ball.

Caiden Tuller: Really?

Jeff: It was a big chocolate ball. I think they're illegal now again or something like that.

Dustin: It sounds like a choking hazard though.

Caiden Tuller: Yeah, because they stuff candies.

Jeff: And toys and stuff in them. It was a big chocolate ...

Dustin: Chocolate covered toy. What's wrong with ...

Caiden Tuller: Basically.

Dustin: I don't see what could go wrong here.

Caiden Tuller: Enjoy.

Dustin: Let's stick an army guy with something sticky and pointed and serrated.

Jeff: You're saying that's the next piece of merchandise from Death Wish Coffee.

Caiden Tuller: Yes, chocolate covered razor blades.

Jeff: I'll cut that out.

Caiden Tuller: With a light Turkish grind mixed in. No, no, no, no, no. Don't get excited.

Jeff: Yeah, don't get excited.

Caiden Tuller: I say Wonder Ball because it's like you never know. I really have no idea. I know that it feels successful. It feels exciting. You know what I mean? I'm not sure. I'm not sure where we're heading next. I never imagined that we would be here. You know what I mean? I think when we were all in the running for the Super Bowl commercial and telling our friends. I dogged my family so bad. Vote. Send these things out. Call our cousins in California and tell them to vote for my company. It's crucial. I never expected that this would be the outcome. You know what I mean?

Jeff: Yeah.

Caiden Tuller: When I signed up for the job when I applied, I never imagined at all where it would be. I feel like that's been the theme of this entire adventure thus far is I don't know what's next.

Dustin: You almost don't want to put a pin it.

Jeff: Right.

Caiden Tuller: Exactly.

Dustin: You're going to be wrong.

Caiden Tuller: Exactly. I don't want to underestimate and I don't want to ... Mike is always ... Every meeting that we do, we talk about our wins and our goals and things like that. He's always pushing toward dream big. You know what I mean? Go for it. Set a high goal. Set something that seems like you'll never get to it because eventually, you're going to get to it, you're going to knock your own socks off. In this type of position, in this situation, I just want to sit back and enjoy it. You know what I mean? That's why I come in every day.
I want to be here because things change with a gust of the wind. You know what I mean? Especially around here. Like you said, we're always working, we're innovating and we're coming up with new ideas and we're trying new things. We could be talking about an idea for a week, get to day seven, we talk about it again, revisit it and it's like, you know what? Maybe not. Let's try this instead. Let's change this about it. You never want to really get your hopes set on something. You just want to show up and give it your all and just be there for it. You know what I mean?

Jeff: That's true for life, too.

Caiden Tuller: Absolutely.

Jeff: You show up, give it your all, be there for it.

Caiden Tuller: You be there for it, man.

Jeff: That's a great, great outlook for it.

Caiden Tuller: It's easy to feel that way. It's easy for me to apply that feeling to this business, to this job because I know it's in the great direction as it is. You know what I mean? Who knows? I want to go worldwide. We do. We ship internationally. I talk to people from the UK and Australia and Japan all the time. It blows my mind how often I speak to people that are just far, far away. You know what I mean? I'm excited to be a household name. When I picture the future, I picture that. Everybody knows Nike. Everybody knows Folgers. You know what I mean? Right now it feels like everyone knows Death Wish but not yet.

Dustin: Not yet.

Jeff: Not yet.

Caiden Tuller: We're so close every day to just a hundred thousand more people, hundred thousand more people. You know what I mean?

Jeff: Yeah.

Dustin: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Caiden Tuller: Eventually we're going to get there. To me, I want to be there for that.

Jeff: That's awesome. That will definitely come because just in my own travels in the last year, I have seen it where I can show up in an airport just randomly somewhere in America wearing a Death Wish shirt or a hat or something like that. Two years ago I could walk by completely unnoticed. Now, 50 to 75% of the time I'm stopped at least by somebody going, "Oh, Death Wish Coffee."

Caiden Tuller: Totally.

Jeff: Just a point and a nod or something like that.

Caiden Tuller: Totally.

Jeff: That ball is definitely rolling.

Dustin: Sooner it will be like, oh, my god. Is that Incredible Jeff? Somebody stop Jeff. Incredible Jeff, can you sign this photo,

Jeff: No autographs.

Dustin: ... That I carry of you in my pocket?

Caiden Tuller: You're just going to have groupies with Boba Fett hats on that are just going to want ... Just sign it.

Jeff: We want to talk about big dreams. This is my big dream right there. Well, here's a final question that we are implementing to every employee at Death Wish Coffee. Death Wish or Valhalla Java?

Caiden Tuller: Oh, dude. Come on.

Jeff: I love your ...

Caiden Tuller: Come on.

Jeff: Everybody's experience of that, too, because everybody says the same thing, but you got to choose.

Caiden Tuller: All right. I'm going to give you some customer service right now.

Jeff: Awesome.

Caiden Tuller: Because I get this question all the time from people.

Jeff: Awesome.

Caiden Tuller: All the time. It depends on what you're looking for. What are you looking for?

Dustin: What are you looking for, Caid?

Jeff: I'm looking for an answer.

Caiden Tuller: All right. I was going to say love but ... Damn it. Forget it. Forget it. Damn, dude. I feel like someone is going to pop on the door when I give this answer and be like, "Wrong."

Dustin: If it's Death Wish, Zakk Wylde.

Jeff: Zakk Wylde is right behind that door.

Caiden Tuller: Exactly. That guy is jacked.

Dustin: You've betrayed me.

Caiden Tuller: Dude. All right. Like I said, it depends on what you're looking for. I ultimately, and I'm not paid to say this.

Dustin: Yeah, you are.

Caiden Tuller: Kind of.

Dustin: Stop.

Caiden Tuller: But not really. Not really. I'd say Death Wish because when I drink coffee I'm doing it for one reason and that's just to wake up the F up.

Jeff: Wake the cup up.

Caiden Tuller: Wake the cup up, man. That's how you do it. It's Death Wish. But if you're looking for something ... Some people can't handle caffeine.

Jeff: Right.

Caiden Tuller: You know what I mean? Some people love coffee. They love dark roast, but they can't handle the caffeine. Valhalla Java is a perfect alternative because it's a little milder. It's got a really unique flavor profile. It's made up of five different origins of beans versus two which are found on the Death Wish. In the Valhalla, you've got these five different beans. It's not as strong so I'll put it that way. It's not as strong as the Death Wish but much, much stronger than your typical cup of coffee.

Dustin: Yeah, it's so strong.

Caiden Tuller: It's inspired by Zakk Wylde.

Dustin: Oh, my gosh.

Caiden Tuller: You know what I mean? For Pete's sake.

Dustin: Do you bleed black?

Caiden Tuller: Literally you probably don't bleed at all because your blood is just,

Jeff: It's coffee.

Caiden Tuller: ... Coagulated.

Dustin: It's running too fast and squirts out. I'm doing my work. I'm just passing through your veins.

Caiden Tuller: Just passing through your veins.

Jeff: You're echoing through all the fans of the company a lot of times say, the actual drinkers of the coffee because both products are excellent.

Caiden Tuller: Excellent.

Jeff: They have their differences, too, which is nice. It's not like it's just a rebrand of the same type of coffee.

Caiden Tuller: Totally.

Jeff: Because I do the same thing. There are days that I'll wake up and I was like, "I want a cup of Valhalla today."

Caiden Tuller: Totally.

Jeff: Today I want a cup of Death Wish. It's nice to have those options.

Caiden Tuller: If my feet are hitting the floor a little later like on the weekend or something like that, if my feet are hitting the floor a little later than like 8:00 or 9:00, probably even like 10:00 or 11:00 which is a lazy day, still need a cup of coffee of course. Every day you should always start your day with a cup of coffee.

Jeff: Good advice.

Caiden Tuller: Always. I'll take the Valhalla. You know what I mean? Because it's not too strong. I'm going to get to sleep later on that night eventually but it won't like Death Wish. When I first started I learned my lesson very quickly. I started drinking coffee. Oh, man. It was probably 3:00 in the afternoon.

Jeff: Oh, no.

Caiden Tuller: I came into work the next day and I was exhausted because I had only fallen asleep about four hours before then. You know what I mean? I learned my lesson. I'd say Death Wish ...

Jeff: Early.

Caiden Tuller: Death Wish early, man. That's my word of advice.

Jeff: That's good. That's good. Well, thank you so much for taking,

Caiden Tuller: Yeah, thank you, guys.

Jeff: ... The time to talk to us.

Dustin: This was a lot of fun.

Jeff: It's so much fun.

Caiden Tuller: This was fun.

Jeff: All you listeners out there can talk to you anytime, every day.

Caiden Tuller: Come to me, come to me.

Dustin: Or you can just listen to this episode on repeat.

Jeff: Yes.

Caiden Tuller: You know what? I'm out. Just repeat. Save this.

Jeff: All your answers are in this episode.

Caiden Tuller: Download it to SoundCloud, whatever you got to do.

Jeff: This was a lot of fun. Thank you so much.

Caiden Tuller: Thank you, guys. It's an honor.

Jeff: Looking towards the future.