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Naturally lighter, less acidic and nuanced, our Medium Roast blend makes a boldly balanced cup every time. Grown at higher altitudes, the blend is ideal for those who want something lighter than a dark roast, without sacrificing the extra kick of caffeine.

The World's Strongest Coffee

We find the highest-quality arabica + robusta beans in the world, and then we roast them to a lighter shade of bold with notes of caramel, peanuts, apricot + milk chocolate. The result? Even our Medium Roast has twice the caffeine of the average cup.

Reap what you sow

We care about community, the earth + the farmers who work its soil (reminds us of the Grim Reaper). So, we source only USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified ™ beans to support the livelihood of coffee farmers + sustainability for the planet.

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